Wednesday, March 03, 2021

The Janus Clan - a brief description of the books published so far

  The Janus Clan is a series of eleven books. It starts off fairly quiet with The Defenseless. The story mostly takes place in the city of Denver in the United States in the Sixties and seventies, far from the events shaping the world and human society at the time.

  The Slaves is a completely different story. The main characters are cast through the wringer, the most brutal, cruel meatgrinder possible. They grow up fast.

  Birds Flying in the Dark takes a step back again, returning to a smaller scope, but the bigger story still expands as it progresses towards the explosive ending.

  In At the End of the Rainbow Liz and Ted, the main characters start their journey across the planet, the one that decades later will end in the distant Australian desert.

  Lewis of Modern York takes place in New York City. More relatives and important characters are introduced or reintroduced. The Janus clan, the Shadowwalkers return in full to the greater human society. More pieces of the puzzle, the Tapestry reveals itself. The first half of the story is complete.

  The Werewolf of Locus Bradle picks up years later, in Cornwall, United Kingdom. A perfect storm is playing itself out in the town of Padstow and the surrounding area, hardly leaving anything but ashes.

  ShadowWalk is the tenth book in the series, a stand-alone, but certainly not unimportant part of the vast Tapestry slowly revealing itself.

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