Sunday, July 04, 2021


 My supplier has been arrested
 I feel fine
 My second supplier
 Has ended up
 On a cold slab
 I feel fine

 Today is a great day
 Tonight is a great night
 My wife has left me
 My son has blown his head off
 I feel fine fine fine

 The streets are filled with bodies
 The walls are painted in red and guts
 We are celebrating
 And everything is
 Exactly as it is supposed to be

 I'm jerking off
 Into one more cold vessel
 There are many more
 To go around
 Everyone feels fine fine fine

 Amos Keppler 2021-07-04


Tuesday, April 06, 2021


  We’re all born defenseless, a tiny bundle of vulnerable flesh, unable to even move on our own, totally helpless without our parents’ protection.

  As we grow older, we grow stronger. We take our first hesitant steps, walk our first mile, a child looking at the world with wide eyes. As we move through adolescence, towards adulthood, we grow strong and fierce, able and perhaps also willing to defend ourselves against any one enemy.

  But isn’t everyone defenseless to a certain degree in today’s vast and cruel society, potential victims of circumstance or fate, closing our eyes to the world’s brutal reality until it strikes us down?

  Do we live our life with our eyes closed, in the vain hope that it won’t happen to us?


  The novel The Defenseless by Amos Keppler


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Great review - Your Own Fate

   This is a review of my novel Your Own Fate posted on Amazon. I repost it here in case it is removed, as reviews sometimes are. It touches on many things, both the story and on self-publishing in general.

  Before I read this book I had barely heard of self-publishing of books. Since starting to read books from an early age, my impression was that all books without exception came from major publishers, such as Penguin and HarperCollins. Since then I have read hundreds of books from various publishers, before I recently discovered a world of self-publishing enthusiasts. There are writers out there who are dedicated, talented, and hard-working people, with a certain degree of artistic integrity that makes them unwilling to even approach the mainstream publishers. In a world where the process of «getting published» relies more on how little your work differs from the norm, the standard, and what most people read, rather than on actual artistic performance in producing your work.
  This book stands out as a truly original work, and one of the most original books I have read. I have several times asked myself if the book could have been published by one of the big publishers. On the surface I think it could. It's a solid piece of work, packed with genuine and exciting action scenes, interesting development of characters, and a storyline that is certainly well thought out. Yet, deep within me there is a general feeling that some of it is just too "extreme" to fit the general consensus among those who decide what gets published and what does not. Although I hope to see a movie based on the book one day, I would hate to see it ruined by a bad Hollywood adaption.
  Taking you on an intense and action-packed trip around the world, the story is based around a police hunt lead by police officer Jeremy Zahn, who lets nothing stand in his way in order to bring the notorious criminal Timothy Joyce to justice. Most of the times after reading a fiction book, I contemplate the experience for just a moment before putting it down, and move on to the next book. This one, however, put me on a rollercoaster ride down the rabbit hole. An intense read. Recommended to anyone enjoying complexity and excitement in a story. I found it a light and deep read at the same time.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Author's word - The werewolf of Locus Bradle

  First of all, I have to apologize to the people of Padstow. I usually don’t do disclaimers, but here I feel I should issue one: None of the people described in the novel is modeled after any Padstow citizen. I have also taken liberties with describing the geography, the streets, town and the surrounding area.
  This is Padstow, though, a twisted version of it, a broken mirror, what is lurking in any small town or population center, the pitch blackness of mankind that can, at any time break free of its confines.
  I spent a considerable amount of time in Padstow and surrounding areas during several visits in the eighties, so my most notable memories are how it was then, not as it is now. This is a good thing, of course, since the story takes place in the eighties. I did as I often do. I visited the place knowing I would probably use the location in a novel someday.
  I wasn’t certain of what kind of story this would be when I began writing it, not even after forty years of carrying it in my head, forty years after I wrote a joke of a «movie script», a brief, ridiculous summary, but once I started out, wrote the first couple of pages, it became evident pretty soon. What I had imagined in advance was just a shell, hardly more than a skeleton compared to the fleshed-out version, the story of meat and blood and horror beyond words. This is most certainly a transgression story.

  Each novel reveals a different side of the Janus Clan, of their deepest yearnings and nature. This, this ripping of the skin, the thin, thin layer of civil consciousness is certainly one.
  This is my second Existential Horror story. The first was Alarums of Reality.
  The next book in the series will be very different from this one, like they’re all different from each other.
  Then, I have very good news. By only using two years at completing this novel, I’m far ahead of my schedule. In 2018, I found out that I need to stay alive until 2041 in order to complete the Janus Clan series, but if I keep this up, I will finish everything way before that.
  I still hope I can keep it going and be healthy until then, of course. At the very least that long.
  Do I wish to live forever somewhat healthy and somewhat young/youthful and with my mental faculties intact? You bet I do.

  One Sherwood Forest 2018-12-16 – 2020-09-26

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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

The Janus Clan - a brief description of the books published so far

  The Janus Clan is a series of eleven books. It starts off fairly quiet with The Defenseless. The story mostly takes place in the city of Denver in the United States in the Sixties and seventies, far from the events shaping the world and human society at the time.

  The Slaves is a completely different story. The main characters are cast through the wringer, the most brutal, cruel meatgrinder possible. They grow up fast.

  Birds Flying in the Dark takes a step back again, returning to a smaller scope, but the bigger story still expands as it progresses towards the explosive ending.

  In At the End of the Rainbow Liz and Ted, the main characters start their journey across the planet, the one that decades later will end in the distant Australian desert.

  Lewis of Modern York takes place in New York City. More relatives and important characters are introduced or reintroduced. The Janus clan, the Shadowwalkers return in full to the greater human society. More pieces of the puzzle, the Tapestry reveals itself. The first half of the story is complete.

  The Werewolf of Locus Bradle picks up years later, in Cornwall, United Kingdom. A perfect storm is playing itself out in the town of Padstow and the surrounding area, hardly leaving anything but ashes.

  ShadowWalk is the tenth book in the series, a stand-alone, but certainly not unimportant part of the vast Tapestry slowly revealing itself.