Monday, August 24, 2020

Back cover text - future book project - United States of America 2040.

  United States of America 2040.
  Robert «Bob» Moore, a rightwing white supremacist wins the Democratic Party primaries, becoming his party’s candidate for the presidency. Bob earned much of his reputation and popularity as a young detective at the death squadrons at Los Angeles Police Department, where he shot and killed a score of unarmed blacks and Latinos and Koreans in the destitute LA Downtown.
  His Republican Party opponent is Raymond «Ray» Moore jr, a well-known pedophile and misogynist and racist and Ku Klux Klan member.
  Also in the race is Bob’s main opponent during the Democratic Party primaries Alexandra «Alex» Martinez, a Latino African American socialist feminist popular among the disenfranchised and poor. She has joined the Green Party and become its candidate. Alex struggles with constant accusations from liberal media and liberals of being a Russian spy and traitor, and of «ruining Bob’s changes of winning».
  The United States is a nation on the brink, in a world on the brink. No one expects this election to change that, or change anything, really. It’s the same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie.

  I wrote this 2017-12-31

  I was pretty much on the money… but not going far enough in my predictions, and I was way off when it comes to the year. It is already happening. It will probably repeat itself with each election, growing increasingly worse, until everything snaps.
  This was meant as an ironic study. I never meant to write that novel, and I probably won’t.

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