Friday, May 22, 2020

Watchdogs 2

  A considerable number of a given population takes active part in the suppression of free thought. If you speak on the phone or just have a conversation about a perceived controversial or radical subject on the bus or in public in general, you’re often told to not do so. That isn’t because you speak aloud or anything. You’re not told to lower your voice, but told specifically to not speak about that subject. Even if people don’t voice their displeasure, they still stare at you with angry eyes, and the threat of violence might be both implied and executed.
  It might concern a number of subjects, like the insanity of being a NATO-member, a war-supporter, the ongoing massive pollution, the climate change, the Mass Extinction Event, racism, inequality, injustice, wage slavery, modern slavery…
  Stuff like that.
  Like Stephen Biko pointed out; the ordinary men and women, the minds of the oppressed are tyranny’s first line of defense against those who would oppose it. They’ve been successfully brainwashed, subjected to pervasive establishment propaganda, to manufactured consent from the cradle. How can you tell? It’s quite easy, really. They keep using establishment talking points, doing so practically in every second sentence or so. I guess this is more obvious to an author, to one who is trained in interpreting texts, but everyone should easily see it. Those not doing so are clearly a part of the herd themselves. This is not rocket science, but self-evident facts.
  I have written before about the need for encouraging critical thinking in any given society, and to fight hard for it in a society like ours, where those in charge are clearly not interested in doing anything like that. They want people to be eager, supportive mules, and in that, they’ve pretty much succeeded.

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