Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Virus - past, present and future

  The corona virus, though close to harmless in the big scheme of things, still exposes countless inherent weaknesses of the modern inhuman society.
  It shows us in many ways how to deal with the climate heating, the Mass Extinction Event and a number of other dangers. Pollution was cut in half over major European cities in just one week. It keeps falling with the lowered human activity, the powerful pressure modern human society imposes on nature every single second of its existence.
  It reveals the insanity of not making essential products nationally and even regionally and locally. Countries have closed their borders and held back crucial ingredients and tools and goods. Counties and regions within countries have closed them off from their closest neighbors. United States, being the bully as usual, has aggressively bought necessities by offering inflated payment and aggressive procuring methods, and many countries have suffered major deficiencies in their supply chains of medicines, medical supplies and even food. This is a situation that may arise at any time. If food production falls significantly globally, people in most western countries would starve and starve to death. There would be a famine rivaling all others before it. The folly of transporting goods across the globe should be phased out over a given period, giving people in a given country time to adapt.
  The truth of the matter is this: the modern human being lives on borrowed time. The climate heating, the Mass Extinction Event, the breakdown of social relations, the true pandemonium and the massive alienation from nature, everything we’ve brought on ourselves is a disaster waiting to happen, waiting like a starved wolf on the prowl. All of it is happening simultaneously, right now, and we ain’t seen nothing yet.
  Some countries have acted fairly rational and reasonable during the Corona Crisis, as impossible as that sounds. Their own governments have still used the opportunity they always look for to expand upon oppressive schemes. The Corona Crisis is just one more symptom of the disease. The true disease is modern society itself, and that is what must change, what will change, sooner, rather than later, whether we want it or not.
  We should learn from this, should draw wisdom from it. It is possible. We can prepare for the inevitable upcoming changes, instead of being basically completely unprepared like we are right now. Humanity can survive, but only if we take an active and bold role in our own lives, and stop the war we’ve waged against nature, against the planet for ten thousand years. We can stop our collective suicide, if we choose, if we show ourselves to be able and willing to start in earnest the deliberate turnaround, the vast scaling back of our shared community we should have started long ago.
  The establishment and its wealthy people don’t want any true chances. They’re perfectly fine with how things stand. We must wrest power from them as well.
  Yes, the earth has fever and humanity acts as its virus, and the planet raises the temperature to deal with us. It’s an excellent and quite valid analogue. The solution is quite simple. We must stop doing that, and start being human again, before the Machine and its vast destruction have become irreversible. We are there already. Time is minutes past twelve. We have no more time to lose.

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