Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Never Biden

  It’s quite amazing. There’s not a single valid argument for voting for Joe Biden.

  No, he will not appoint better supreme court judges than Trump. He has already been an integral part of weakening Roe vs Wade, and will continue down that path. He’s also a rapist, abuser and relentless misogynist. He echoes Trump in all ways.
  No, he will not do better for blacks or minorities in general. His record reveals him as a segregationist and racist.
  No, he will not do medicare for all. He will, on the contrary refuse to sign it into law if it should pass both chambers. He’s paid by Big Pharma and the insurance companies, and he will do nothing to harm them. Eighty million Americans are uninsured or underinsured, leading to approximately 70000 avoidable deaths each year, and he will keep it that way.
  No, he will not make any effort to make a true green new deal happen. Big Oil is also paying him, and he will do nothing to harm them. He will on the contrary keep rewarding them with subsidies and tax reliefs.
  No, he will not do student loan relief, and certainly not remove the loans.
  No, he will not move towards equal pay or more general equality. The income-divide between workers and service-personnel in one end and the oligarchs in the other will only grow wider with him.
  No, he will not stop wars, but continue to seek them. His record as a warmonger is also well documented. He’s beholden to the war industry, and will not fail them.
  Giving him your vote is a vote for continued vast injustice and cruelty. He’s one of the worse candidates ever, even worse than Clinton and rivaling Trump.
  It feels almost redundant to include his dementia here, but that certainly does not make him a better candidate.
  Bernie Sanders supports this shit. Sanders is done. He has exposed himself as a major hypocrite and no better than all the rest.
  #NeverBiden Never, ever any corporate, neoliberal candidate.

  PS, almost all of this is also true concerning Elizabeth Warren and any corporate democrat. If any new candidate is appointed at the convention, or if Biden, at any given time, has to pull out because of «health concerns», it will also expose the Democratic Party even more as cheaters and wheelers and dealers, deceivers and liars. People should indeed #DemExit and never again attempt to reform the party from the inside. The ever-more blatant election-fraud and cheating during the primaries alone should be reason enough to leave it behind. When all their candidates suck, it should be an easy choice. The party-within-the-party strategy employed by Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialists of America will remain an abject failure.
  It’s time to think long-term, and give time and passion to the Green Party, to grow it from the ashes of the old and horrible political system. All support should be given to them and Howie Hawkins. If most of the independents and former Sanders-supporters vote for them, there will be a landslide. Even if they get only five percent of the votes, it will be a small victory, making them eligible for federal matching funds and an easier way to future ballots.
  Yes, it’s time to never give The War Party, The Big Business Party, with its two factions, your consideration again. It’s overdue.

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