Sunday, March 29, 2020

Entrenched in the trenches

  Why do people fail to see and act on facts and obvious truths and even vast dangers? There is something called confirmation bias. When people have formed an obviously wrong opinion on a given issue, they start subconsciously searching for ways to confirm their bias. They fall into trenches and dig themselves ever deeper in. Various unpleasant truths are often disregarded and rejected.
  Pervasive establishment propaganda is also an obvious part of this. It reinforces loyalties to authorities, though those affected may occasionally profess a false anti-authoritarian stance. It most certainly enforces nationalism and similar, an often-destructive herd-mentality.
  When the human created global heating and the Mass Extinction Event call for vast changes in people’s lives, they reject that need in favor of a perceived safety in the old and familiar, making them act against their own interest, making humanity commit slow, collective suicide. A racist and similar rejects a perceived influx of foreign culture into a given country. When something like the Corona virus comes along, they keep gathering in herds, in spite of the proven danger of that action. A given person, politician or leader may even call for a given action, but be unwilling to truly commit to it through action and/or necessary legislation.
  Current inhuman society is designed that way. The establishment does not want people to think for themselves. It wants eager, unthinking slaves, or drones if you like. It wants them with a certain dull, useful ingenuity, but drones, nonetheless.
  Once again, we see demonstrated that this society, this Machine encourages humanity’s bad traits and discourages the good.
  A vast cognitive dissonance only grows bigger for many people as they grow older.
  There are those odd beings able to liberate themselves from this and seek true freedom, but they are few and far between.
  A few, final items: It’s a scale, not either or. You are not either brainwashed or not, but somewhere between, affected in various degrees. Financial considerations are also important, of course. The pervasive tyranny of capitalism helps the establishment to keep even truly radical people in line.

  The solution to this is quite obvious, too. People must learn truly critical thinking from an early age, at school and at home and in society at large. They must be encouraged to seek and consider alternative views different from the herd at every turn.
  A society with a justified pride in itself and its works must not merely grudgingly accept alternative thought and action, but actively encourage it everywhere and in everyone.