Saturday, October 05, 2019

Author's word - Afterglow Rain

  This is the eighteenth novel I’ve completed and the sixteenth I’ve published.
  This story or this sequence of the story seemed to be never-ending, so I considered discontinuing it prematurely, at an earlier point than I had originally planned. But moving a large chunk of the story to the third book just did not work, and one thing being an experienced author has taught me is that you continue on a given novel until the story is done. This was not and thus, I kept going.
  I was tempted to rush it, but eventually I managed, like I always do to settle the itch to do that and reach the somewhat calm storm of the storyteller and write the story with sufficient patience and virtue. It unfolded at the methodical, but urgent pace I always strive for.
  The language in The Nine series is distinctly different compared to my other books. That is a deliberate choice when describing societies differing in minor and major ways from modern day earth societies.
  It is about a never-ending journey. Like I usually do, I focused solely on this novel as it approached its end, and hardly wrote on the five other stories I write simultaneously at all. So, I dive into the characters’ life and their circumstances and not doing much else. Sometimes, it takes me three months to write the three final chapters. This took me only a few days. I took advantage of what to me is the calm and quiet of Easter. While others went skiing in distant mountains, I stayed in front of my computer, with the occasional photo safari mixed in.
  The story of The Nine is further fleshed out, as Afterglow’s continues.
  This book has approximately 210 000 words, my third thickest book.
  One more long journey has ended. Another has already begun.

  One Sherwood Forest 2019-04-21
  Printed version ready 2019-05-17

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