Monday, September 09, 2019

The walkers in shadow

  When a rock is smashed against rock, there is a spark. That particular spark fades quickly without nourishment, but when it lands in dry grass or hay or wood, it becomes a fire, and if there is sufficient mass of those things, the fire might become an inferno…
  The modern story about the Janus Clan begins in the Sixties against a backdrop of political and social upheaval and ends forty years later, when that upheaval has turned even more pronounced.
  It begins with troubled and insecure youths and ends with troubled, assertive and beyond passionate adults no longer taking shit from anyone. In their teens, they were angst, uncertainty and rage. The first two are gone, but fortunately, the rage remains.
  Forty years of ferocity, terror, passion, life beyond anything this world has ever seen.
  Ted, Linda, Liz, Iris and the rest of the modern-day shadowwalkers experience the Sixties, the seventies, the eighties, the nineties and the zeroes through their looking glass of red and fire and pale shadow.
  They touch and ponder the deepest of questions, find the most profound and crucial answers. There’s no rock they don’t turn, no secret they don’t expose. They illuminate every dark corner, shadow all bright days, paint all gray surfaces with all the colors of the rainbow. They exclude nothing, include everything life has to offer. Yes, the fire within is worth any sacrifice to keep burning.
  And when they change, like a slow-turning wheel, they also change the world, change humanity to something people have only glimpsed through the thick fog of their fears. Everything stands revealed as the inferno it is. The ravages of passion, longing and rage herald the twilight of mankind.

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