Sunday, September 01, 2019

The Twilight Realm

  In the twilight realm between night and day, sleep and awakening, my mind is ablaze with dark fire, with the power of conception.
  Constantly, consciously changing the daily chores, the daily routine, making it anything but routine, does that to me, making my muses flow and ebb like a heart.
  That, among many things is what we’re teaching here, in the circle of the Midnight Fire. The fire is always with us, but with the blazing awareness of self, that fire, those dark, pulsing flames are erupting inside, pushing itself out in the open. That’s what a witch does, pulling what is inside to the outside. He or she opens closed caskets. A witch opens everything for everybody to see and feel and experience.
  I’m floating in a sea of Shadow. It is many things. It’s the realm outside normal human perception. It is infinite space, infinite time, it is the time stream. Time is not a river, but a flood, flooding fields, forests and even mountains…

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