Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Time for a new Artists against Apartheid

  I remember it well. Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and all the world’s reactionary forces were furious and the very air sizzled and burned before, during and after the event.
  Thirty-one years ago, at Wembley in London the world’s foremost rock musicians performed at a concert in honor of Nelson Mandela and his 70th birthday called Artists against Apartheid. Mandela was still imprisoned at the time. He was released less than two years later, and the South African apartheid-regime disappeared from the government in 1994.
  A similar concert directed at the Israeli apartheid regime is overdue. If many musicians and performers told the Zionist government of Israel to fuck off, many others would dare to do so as well. There might even be a watershed moment where Israel could no longer dictate international politics, and the Palestinians’ freedom and return from exile would be that much closer.
  BDS is important, and has worked well, but it is time to take the fight against the beyond cruel and brutal Zionist regime one step further. Zionist hasbara (propaganda) must be challenged head on.

  A bit of paraphrasing here:
  «Israel is the only country in the world that has apartheid enshrined in its constitution. There is a message from all of us, all of you, from the sons and daughters of Palestine to the Israeli government and establishment that it is time for a change».

  Palestine has many victims and freedom fighters similar to Steven Biko and Nelson Mandela, men, women and children that have been kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured, maimed and killed by the Israeli colonization and occupation regime.

«You can blow out a candle
but you can’t blow out a fire
once the flame begins to catch
the wind will blow it high»
Biko - Peter Gabriel

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