Sunday, March 03, 2019

No more bullshit - The Trenchcoat Brigade - Author’s word

  This is about one of the short stories in my anthology Red Shadow and Other Stories.
  The story stars Timothy Joyce, one of the main characters in my novel Your Own Fate. It is part of the extensive extra material on the website, offering further understanding and perspective of the story.
  It wasn't included in the novel because it’s fairly similar to several other scenes there, and because it didn't quite fit. The story in the book is mostly told from Jeremy Zahn’s perspective.
  This short story about the events on a modern airport would also have to be at least four times longer than the one you have just read. Perhaps I will write the extended version someday.
  Timothy Joyce is a man with no more patience for bullshit, as you can plainly observe and certainly appreciate. If you want to find out more about him, go to the website, or read the book. He certainly would appreciate it.

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