Wednesday, February 20, 2019

True questions, false answers

  My words to Norwegian foreign minister Søreide at Bergen University February 19:
  You called NATO a defense organization. There are quite a few of us that actually see NATO as an attack organization. Isn’t NATO actually one of the major problems in today’s world with its constant aggression against other regimes, like in Syria, Libya and Venezuela?

  Her answer isn’t really worth dwelling on. Worth noting is that she pointed out that article five in the NATO charter was used during the invasion of Afghanistan, and that the massive assault on Libya «was sanctioned by the UN». The way she phrased that made it clear that she felt that excused everything they did there.
  She also offered the most amazing excuses in an attempt to justify Norwegian arms trade after another question.

  Søreide had clearly come to Bergen to enjoy herself. Those hosting the event did everything to confirm that impression. Her speech was of the usual superficial type. It’s amazing (that word again) that it’s possible to speak for so long without hardly saying anything, anything at all. The extremely friendly appointed interviewer wasn’t even close to ask her a real question.
  The audience wasn’t allowed to ask more than four question combined and no follow-ups, something saying everything about the quality of the event.

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