Monday, February 25, 2019

The Pirate Project - defense policy

  This is originally written for countries being a member of NATO, but it can easily be adapted everywhere.

 1. All countries should work to dissolve NATO. If NATO won’t dissolve itself, all contact should be broken with member countries. The member countries should leave the organization. The countries should start working on alternatives to NATO-membership asap.

 2. There must no longer be any US-troops in any country.

 3. All countries, also current NATO-countries must support the world-wide ban on nuclear arms. Nuclear arms shall never be used by anyone. If anyone uses nuclear arms or aims to use them, they should be boycotted in all things.

 4. One must stop talking about security policies, and start talking about peace policies, about peace training, instead of war-training. Nations embracing war, like the United States has done for a long time and still does must be cut off from all international cooperation. The US influence in the world must be opposed.

 5. The anti-Russian propaganda coming from many western countries must cease. Russia is no threat to western countries. Western countries must stop being a threat to Russia.

 5a. US/NATO is a threat to all countries, really, including China, Iran and Venezuela.

 6. Countries shall only participate in military operations approved by the United Nations and say no to them as well if they are revealed to be dubious, or if there is any significant doubt concerning their integrity.

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