Thursday, February 14, 2019

Author's Word - Fire Burning in the Wind

  This is about one of the short stories in my anthology Red Shadow and Other Stories.

  I considered making Fire Burning in the Wind into a novel, but I was already writing a post-civilization novel, Thunder Road- Ice and Fire.
  It’s a slightly different focus anyway.
  The way I considered expanding it didn’t sit well with me either. It mostly involved the girl being captured by the villagers and forced to stay with them, to adopt to their ways. The entire premise was that she was a tabula rasa, an empty vessel, and I wanted her to stay that way, wanted her to stay innocent throughout the story.
  I wanted her to stay primitive. She saved him. Staying with them and him in the village would have doomed her. They were ruined by a civilization gone long ago. She never would be.
  It didn’t matter what she had been before, only what she had become.
  Her being beaten and raped by the villagers would have changed the story completely.
  Her more or less voluntarily staying with the villagers would have been contrary to her very nature.

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