Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Manana - perhaps tomorrow

  When I traveled through Central- and South America by bus and train some years ago, I learned a new word, Manana. It doesn’t exactly mean tomorrow like in English and most western languages, at least not in that context.
  When I asked when the bus or the train would arrive or leave, they said manana with a shrug, not really worrying about it or being busy at all. It wasn’t really about accepting life’s frustrations, but about a sense of time quite different from what I was used to. Manana in that context means «perhaps tomorrow», and it isn’t a negative connotation at all.
  Some matters are obviously urgent in today’s doomed human society, but not whether or not you arrive a little late to your given destination.
  Western society is busy, in a very destructive way. We don’t need that and don’t really want that, but so it is still. I would have wanted someone to explain that one to me, if I didn’t already know the answer.
  The establishment, those in charge want us to be as busy as possible, in order to keep us from thinking and analyzing our existence. And by keeping us from truly thinking through what we’re doing, keeping us from realizing the obvious: that we are sheep, led to the slaughter, to a dull, unimaginative existence, a slow death, both spiritually and actually.
  It shouldn’t be hard to break with such a society, should not be hard at all.

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