Monday, January 21, 2019

Author's words - Hidden World

  This is about the second story in the anthology Red Shadow and Other Stories

  This started life as a movie script, and that is fairly easy to discern. I haven’t really rewritten it much, only expanded upon it a bit here and there.

  Aside from that, it is, like Red Shadow a story too short to be a novel, but unlike Red Shadow, it was never meant to be a short story.

  I guess I could have made this into a novel, but not without completely rewriting it, expanding it in all its small and bigger parts. The story as it is now is just about right, a kind of continuous lightning illuminating the scenes and stages, glimpses of the reality described. The form is completely different from a novel, also different from how I would have and have written one.

  I wrote the script as a kind of minimalistic exercise, a low-budget movie because I knew I couldn’t afford to make one with a big or even bigger budget, and that has translated into the longer short story or shorter novel. I would usually do some kind of buildup, but here the story is well underway from the first line. The characters are dropped into a maw or something, and it works itself up from there. There’s little or no rest and the unrest is pervasive and unrelenting.

  Is it possible to glimpse truth, even profound truth in a world filled with distractions and horrors? Can a human being grasp pieces of true value, and go with that, and thereby find greatness in spite of the giant stinking garbage heap dominating our existence?

  Absolutely! Exposing the illusion most people call reality today is fairly easy. All it may take is one blink of an eye, one panning of a hand, brushing away the thin veil keeping us from spotting the obvious…

  And you’re there, right at the start of the path where the true world of the human being begins.

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