Sunday, September 02, 2018

Author's Word - Red Shadow

  Red Shadow was supposed to be a short story, but it quickly dawned on me that I couldn’t give the story justice that way. The expansion from that point turned self-evident, as events added themselves. Even a prolonged short story would have been only one fourth of the necessary length I eventually ended up with.
  I saw a girl sit outside a tavern, bathing in the red light from a heater…
  That was all it took to get my muses going. The story grew from that very second in complexity and length.
  I tested out various scenarios in my head, to see if there was material enough for a novel. There wasn’t. I could have expanded upon Nelli and Roberta’s stories, but not within the confines of the story about Larry and Nelli. If anyone should ever make a TV-series with lots of episodes, they would have to introduce a new element and thus ruin the cohesion and integrity completely.
  So, this is a novella, a story too short to be a novel, and too long to be a short story. The story is done, is told and there is no point in continuing it. We know everything we need to know. There is no way there can be a sequel.
  Which is kind of neat.


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