Friday, September 07, 2018

A matter of bullying, not freedom of speech

  I basically agree with Voltaire and think freedom of speech should be absolute, but I draw the line at hate speech. Hate speech isn’t truly speech at all, of course, but plain bullying and also often incitement to violence.

  Freedom of speech has nothing to do with bullying and hassling people and inciting violence, and that is what Alex Jones and Infowars have done constantly. We should all start fighting all racist rightwing bullies. They have been given way too much leeway, for way too long.

  I haven't seen a single good argument for allowing Alex Jones and Infowars to continue their rampage, whether it's on social media or elsewhere. They should be charged with incitement and intimidation. The harassment of the parents of the Sandy Hook victims alone should have led to that.

  No, this is not a sliding slope. it's not the start of them coming after us all. They have done that for a long time, and will continue to do that, anyway. Confusing bullying with freedom of speech is not helpful, not helpful at all concerning the fight for true freedom of speech.

  And I'm being kind here. Those defending Jones' «right to bully» are certainly not helping the struggle for true freedom of speech at all. I’m quite frankly stunned that people like Glenn Greenwald and Caitlin Johnstone can be so far off in this matter. That traditionally inclined liberals with a long history of being soft on fascism and rightwing extremism is even farther off isn’t surprising at all.

  There is a blurry line between what is freedom of speech and what is harassment, but Jones and Infowars aren't even close to that. They haven't merely crossed the line, but built a house, a damn castle far into the wrong side. They aren’t the victims here, not even close. Those constantly hounded and hassled by them are. Yes, we shouldn’t really focus on Alex Jones at all, but on his victims. He has become wealthy by verbally assaulting minorities and the vulnerable.

  Tommy Robinson and similar belong in the same category.

  Tommy Robinson is just one more brutal, xenophobic thug that doesn't deserve any support.

  Hate speech / incitement to violence isn't and shouldn't be allowed, and Infowars and rightwing groups are filled with it.

  Some people see those fighting fascists as equal to the fascists and even worse than them. We live in a society where down is up and the horrible is hailed as meritorious acts.

  The truth is certainly completely different than the propaganda. Equating those fighting fascists/xenophobes with the fascists/xenophobes is to support, enable the fascists/xenophobes.

  People denying there is hate speech are the enablers of it.

  I, for one am sick and tired of dangerous and abusive RWNJs (Right Wing Nutjobs) being hailed as defenders of free speech or even them being remotely associated with it.

  Those who are fine with racism/xenophobia tell us that we should allow xenophobes to «offend» people. It is just a diversionary tactics on their part. They know it isn't about that.

  The appeasement of racism and bullying must stop. Appeasing hideous acts and beliefs make it stronger.

  I'm an author/artist. I loathe censorship and attacks on freedom of speech. I learned early on when it is and when it isn't, learned to know and identify the approximate whereabouts of the blurry line.

  Bullying, harassment isn't a matter of freedom of speech, and I am totally baffled how anyone can claim it is.

  Those defending Alex Jones' «freedom of speech» is defending his right to call for violence, not his freedom of speech. It isn't about that or censorship at all. It's quite simply about finally aiding and defending the many victims of Infowars activities.

  Once again: Infowars and Alex Jones being banned from major media sources is not a matter of freedom of speech, but about a bunch of disgusting bullies being partially stopped from bullying people in public. They certainly have more than enough venues left where they can express themselves and their venom.

  The true slippery slope is to further allow rightwing bullies to bully people in public without consequences.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Author's Word - Red Shadow

  Red Shadow was supposed to be a short story, but it quickly dawned on me that I couldn’t give the story justice that way. The expansion from that point turned self-evident, as events added themselves. Even a prolonged short story would have been only one fourth of the necessary length I eventually ended up with.
  I saw a girl sit outside a tavern, bathing in the red light from a heater…
  That was all it took to get my muses going. The story grew from that very second in complexity and length.
  I tested out various scenarios in my head, to see if there was material enough for a novel. There wasn’t. I could have expanded upon Nelli and Roberta’s stories, but not within the confines of the story about Larry and Nelli. If anyone should ever make a TV-series with lots of episodes, they would have to introduce a new element and thus ruin the cohesion and integrity completely.
  So, this is a novella, a story too short to be a novel, and too long to be a short story. The story is done, is told and there is no point in continuing it. We know everything we need to know. There is no way there can be a sequel.
  Which is kind of neat.