Sunday, August 05, 2018

We are Corbyn

  The Blairites, the Red Tories have pretty much exposed themselves, overplayed their hand long ago. Not only is their politics awful, but they also come off as downright awful, abusive people. The way they have relentlessly attacked Jeremy Corbyn from he became party leader in The Labour Party is nothing short of ugly. When they are also caught lying and deceiving time and time again in ever more desperate attempts at reaching their objective, they are revealed for all the world to be very bad human beings.

  I won’t repeat all the insane, irrational accusations here, only state categorically that they were pure inventions, lies and deception, a part of the massive ongoing harassment designed to bring Corbyn down. You can easily access them on the web. There was not a shred of truth in any of it. On the contrary, it was pure propaganda.

  One important piece of this puzzle is undoubtedly the fact that forces within and/or close to the Israeli government offered a reward for Corbyn’s head.

  What became New Labour, under Tony Blair’s management wasn’t even a center-party, but a rightwing party, discarding any good thing traditional Labour had ever done. Margaret Thatcher was on the money when she said that New Labour was her greatest achievement. New Labour became without a shred of a doubt an integrated part of the establishment, and all that became under threat when Corbyn became leader. People like Jess Phillips, Alastair Campbell, Yvette Cooper, Ian Austin, Margaret Hodge, Tom Watson and many others had been cozy with the Tories for so long, had been let into the halls of power and they felt very threatened, saw their vaunted positions crumble beneath them.

  The aim of the harassment has quite simply been to make as much noise as possible. They know they can’t prove anything, but use all the power and support the establishment and its media grants them to create as much trouble for true Labour as possible, to keep it from ever becoming the government in the UK.

  It’s hard to tell at this stage, but as it stands their actions seem to have the opposite effect of what they desire. The attacks have clearly galvanized Corbyn’s supporters and more people support Corbyn and true Labour than ever. People that previously wouldn’t be caught dead near Labour has become members.

  That is funny!

  The Twitter hashtag #WeAreCorbyn was a such a great success with over 200 000 tweets in two hours. We dominate Twitter. People love Corbyn and rightly so. He is a standard to uphold, while his detractors are almost the lowest standard possible when it comes to human beings. Keep rejecting them. Keep supporting Jeremy Corbyn.

  He’s only one person, of course, but one person can make a difference when he inspires millions of others. His integrity, his record stretching across forty years make him a man to be trusted, contrary to his detractors, his enemies that are only in it for themselves and their masters. Corbyn may not succeed in his endeavor, but he will make a damn good attempt. He already has.

  What he and his supporters have done already reaches far beyond UK-borders, inspiring everyone seeking true justice, equality and freedom.

  What True Labour has accomplished in the UK can be copied everywhere.

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