Sunday, August 12, 2018

Author’s word - Red Shadow and Other Stories

  This is an anthology of novellas and short stories and short short stories I’ve written the last twenty years.
  It contains two novellas, four short stories and several short short stories.
  There’s no central theme in this book, no common denominator. It’s quite simply all the stories ready for publishing I had yet to publish, everyone not novels.
  They are almost all Transgression Art in one way or another, though. Most of my work are.
  I considered publishing Red Shadow as a single story, but decided against it. I had enough material for an anthology, and I had wanted to publish my unpublished work for years, and Red Shadow was a great cover story.
  The story Fangs and Claws of the Earth was originally meant to be included as a novella, but I decided to make that a novel instead.
  Some of the stories are clearly experimental, even more so than what I usually do. Most of the stories are very different from each other, so much that it might be hard to see that they are written by the same author. I guess they are recognizable as «a Keppler story», though, even though I don’t have a clear idea of what that is…

  Other titles I considered for the book:
  The Ruthless Photographer and other stories
  The Drunk Bartender and other stories
  The Yawning Waitress and other stories

  But since none of those stories is actually written yet, the choice was easy.

  Publishing date: September 21.

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