Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The true fake news - seen through the eyes of Julian Assange and John Pilger

  I would say that about ninety-five percent of what is conveyed through establishment media is fake news, but even that is being too kind. Since the foundation is fake, corrupted, everything becomes fake. Those in charge and their cronies in establishment media aren’t just lying and deceiving: they are also lying by omission, lying by telling the truth.
  I had the great pleasure of listening to Julian Assange (by video link) and John Pilger at the Holberg Debate 2017 in Bergen on Saturday. Julian Assange was first out. He repeated calmly the truth that is obvious to most truly aware people.
  This is based on my shorthand writing and memory of the event, since we weren’t allowed to record anything.

  Establishment media has always been disastrous, destructive, contrary to anything even resembling truth, filled with fake news every day. It has been used to create and maintain the current order. A fear of truth pervades establishment media. It is threatened by facts, by truly alternative media. The agenda of the establishment and its puppets is always oppressive. They show that with everything appearing in public.
  His claim that every journalist in establishment news media, by his/her support of the establishment narrative is responsible for an average of 130 deaths in various wars is undoubtedly close to the truth.
  He also described how it takes a turn for the worse, both present day and in the future, how distorted automatic info is growing/ascending, how it in insidious ways are demonetizing true/alternative info, interpreting it into the centrist/establishment centrifuge obscuring truth.
  Data mining from Facebook and similar is used increasingly to search for patterns in given population groups and becoming an ever-better tool to interpret those patterns. We the people become the most important tool to control ourselves. Those in charge need to get into our heads, and the more they do that, the more they will gain control over us. The prospects of succeeding with brainwashing and behavior control have never been «better».

  John Pilger spoke about the same subjects, came to the same conclusion from a slightly different perspective.
  He spoke about the irony when Alec Salmond was attacked by the Guardian for working in Russia Today, about the BBC as a long-term tool of UK/western governments, and took us on a brief history tour of real fake news, how establishment media in western countries has basically served us propaganda and called it news.
  The «free press» served those behind the coup in Iran in 1953, in Chile in 1973 and many more.
  There wasn’t even the pretense of true inquiry before the Iraq invasion in 2003. Journalists were undoubtedly willing collaborators to war crimes.
  They continue to be so, by sharing eagerly the establishment’s propaganda on Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and many more, willingly repeating any pretext for bombing and attacking a given country.
  «If satire wasn’t dead, we would convulse with laughter».
  US/NATO is preparing for war with Russia and possibly China and establishment media is as ever very supportive in that regard.
  «Double standards are the pillars of fake news».
  He told us about his meeting with Leni Riefenstahl - «Hitler’s filmmaker» in 1993:
  «She told me that the "messages" of her films were dependent not on "orders from above," but on the "submissive void" of the German public. Did that include the liberal, educated bourgeoisie? "Everyone," she said».
  Wikileaks has caused huge panic in establishment circles.
  We should look at our own societies, not be so eager to find fault in others. There is no reason to congratulate ourselves with our own.
  Everyone has the power to become a truly alternative, independent voice.

  The local newspaper Bergens Tidende basically ignored the event of two notable people visiting our town, except for the editorial warning and sour note in advance and scolding attack afterwards. Bergens Tidende is a typical liberal supporter of the establishment and its massive war efforts.
  I was at a meeting about «fake news», arranged by and with the establishment press at the local library some time ago. They basically used that evening to whitewash themselves and brag about their «accomplishments».
  The Holberg Debate 2017 was something stunningly different, where the people of the establishment media had no control over events, and that certainly infuriated them to no end.

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