Sunday, December 17, 2017

The martial law of sports

  This was written during the USC World championship in Bergen 2017, but easily pertains to all major sports championships anywhere.

  There are fences everywhere, also many places where they have no practical purpose.
  Establishment media is filled with smiling people, telling us how we all look forward to this «celebration of sports».
  Fences have always a purpose, of course, the most important is to be fences.
  Almost everyone I speak to tells me how pissed they are. They are pissed because very few people question why oppressive tactics are used during a sports arrangement or used - period.
  I don’t live in the city, so I wasn’t affected as much as those that have to walk around there every day. The arrangement is also moved around to the surrounding islands, though. All traffic is closed on my island during the weekend. If I want to go anywhere these days, I have to walk or ride a bike, but I won’t get very far then either. The bridge, for instance is closed off the entire day Sunday.
  I have to swim across the bay in order to reach the mainland.

  There was no lack of advance warnings about the finances of it either. The city council was told in blunt terms that it would become a disaster when they triumphed it through without a real political process, and only a few weeks after the event, it was clear that the warnings hadn’t in any way been loud enough, that they had in truth underestimated the risk. All warnings turned out to be true, and then some. We see once again how sports are stealing resources from truly worthy issues. It is doing that even if all the budgets are holding up, of course. We see how easily even the most basic civil rights can and will be discarded. We see how bread and circuses continue because very few speak up against it, how people are fooled through nationalism and patriotism in taking part in the professed celebration. We need to rechristen it the Great and Horrible Distraction and act accordingly.

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