Saturday, December 09, 2017

Christmas squeak

 Christmas is shit
 In so many ways
 It’s almost ridiculous
 A joyless time
 Pretending to be a celebration
 So beyond fucked up
 Modern trite existence
 Religion and greed
 In a great mashup
 Of shit and crap and horror

 It isn’t for the adults
 And certainly not for the children
 Only lies, deception and illusions
 Speak of the greatness of Christmas
 It isn’t a time for relatives to meet
 People disliking each other
 The rest of the year
 Hate each other at Christmas
 Christmas Christmas Christmas
 Mithramass Mithramass Mithramass
 Dance around the dead tree
 Three more weeks of horror
 Are ahead of us

 Go left, go right, stumble
 Through the fog of
 The anesthetic mind
 Is this really so hard
 To understand, to grasp
 Behave like a puppet on a string
 And that’s precisely what you are
 Lift your right foot
 Lift your left foot
 The moment they pull
 And you hardly notice
 The string is there

 Insane choir – Christmas
 Christmas squeak Christmas squeak
 Squeak squeak squeak
 Christmas – your name is hypocrisy
 Your name is pretense, your squeak is
 The most horrible of horrors
 Christmas defenders
 Jump off a cliff
 And bother human beings
 No more no more no more
 Yes, I wage war on Christmas
 And I’m a proud warmonger
 Rejecting the peace
 Of the walking dead

 Amos Keppler 2017-12-05

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