Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Nick Cave interview

  Yes, this is the Nick Cave interview, the important part of it. I copied it during the broadcast. My employers have ordered us to delete all, absolutely all copies in existence, but I felt it’s just too juicy to deny posterity.

  It was early summer in Sidney harbor. The two men, wearing shorts and shirts sat on a stage outside.
  - Good evening, Nick and thank you for coming here, the interviewer, the tough, investigative reporter said.
  - Glad to be here, Cave replied.
  - So, Nick, you’ve stated that this record is different from your previous. In what way?
  - I would say it is more reflective, Cave replied. – I have matured as a human being, and that is certainly reflected in the music and texts.
  The interview goes on for a while, more or less a typical interview with a musician.
  - You played in Israel recently…
  - I did, Cave acknowledged.
  - You also were pretty hard on those advising you to not do that, and on others boycotting Israel, refusing to perform there. You accused them of censorship and worse.
  The mood and the very nature of the conversation changed. Sweat formed on Cave’s brow.
  - I did. I felt and feel that they deserved it.
  - But all they did were voicing their opinion. They didn’t really attempt to censor you or force you in any way, did they?
  - They did, and deserve every harsh word and worse, Cave said, his voice rising just a little.
  - So, you mean them voicing their opinion amounts to censorship?
  - I do, their campaign is such blatant censorship.
  - But isn’t what they are doing pretty much what you, yourself are doing?
  Cave blinked.
  - In what way?
  - Well, you are criticizing those boycotting Israel and state, in no uncertain manner that they should stop doing that.
  - They should, Cave cried. – What they do is wrong, horribly wrong!
  - Do they deserve some kind of sanction, in your opinion? The interviewer asked casually.
  - It would serve them right! Cave cried at the other man.
  - A boycott, perhaps?
  Cave stared hard at him.
  - The BDS-movement certainly feel there are quite a few strong arguments in favor of their actions.
  - They are deluded! Cave snapped.
  - You don’t think the fact that thousands of Palestinian children have been tortured and killed by Israeli soldiers is a worthy argument, then?
  - What you’re talking about is just one more anti-Semitic plot, Cave mumbled, with bulging eyes.
  - The Israeli torturing and killing of thousands of minors is an anti-Semitic plot?
  - Stop that! Cave said, gritting his teeth. – Stop doing that right away.
  - Stop doing what? The interviewer wondered perplexed.
  Cave didn’t verbally respond. His expression spoke volumes, though.
  - Your critics claim that you, by playing in Israel, and your very strong attack on the people criticizing Israel’s horrible and numerous crimes are legitimizing them. Won’t you concede that they have a point?
  - C-concede?
  - Won’t you also concede that the Palestinians have been patient beyond belief, with their peaceful boycott, divestment and sanctions policy and that that puts Israel’s crimes in an even worse light? Shouldn’t Israel be isolated from the international community and its leaders and officials be judged in the harshest way possible in public opinion and at the International Criminal Court in Hague?
  - Are you out of your fucking mind? Cave raged.
  - Are you aware that the BDS-movement and anyone criticizing Israel, really, are victims of censorship and persecution all over the world?
  Cave caved and stood abruptly up from his chair.
  - I’ve had enough of this SHIT! The interview is OVER.
  He stormed out, frothing around his mouth.
  - You should be censored and drawn, he shouted and spat brimstone, as he turned at the edge of the stage. – They should fire you, and you should never get another job, not even in an igloo in Antarctica. I will make Harvey Weinstein sic his Shin Bet GOONS on you. YOU - DAMN - ANTI-SEMITE!!!
  - There are no igloos in Antarctica, the interviewer said in a very helpful attempt at enlightening tonight’s guest.
  But Cave had disappeared, had already dived deep into his cave and saw only the world through the narrow chinks of his cavern.

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