Thursday, October 26, 2017

Author's Word - Season of the Witch

  I woke up one morning in early 2001, and realized that I would soon turn forty. This story began roaming my increasingly active mind not long after that. I decided I wanted to write about people my own age and set out to do so.
  More questions quickly presented themselves: what if I had taken a different turn in life and had joined mainstream society in my youth, becoming pretty much like everyone else? Where would that have brought me? Would I have become just like them, or would there still be a spark left… waiting for the right moment to ignite?
  The story has taken a very long time to complete. When I wrote first draft of chapter 2 in 2002, Warner Bros Village Cinema was still where Vue Cinemas is now. The fact is that I’ve only written one chapter on average each year or rather every eleven months. The main reason for that is that I’ve written several stories about witches, sorcerers, «witchcraft» before and have worked hard to make this one different from those. I always work hard to make my current story different from all the rest, but this time I’ve worked harder than ever.
  There are elements, themes here I haven’t touched before or not touched in quite this way. It is its own story, with its own dynamics, and tides and eddies and everything. Lori is really completely different from Afterglow, Lillith and Chloe Webster, for instance.
  Another reason is that I have not visited London as often as I used to do in recent years. When I have, I’ve literally walked in the characters’ footsteps and the story has been given a hard push forward. I walked in Hyde Park during a twilight moon and misty summer night. I walked from A to B with them, street by street, corner by corner and dark shadow.
  The last few pieces and elements and additions to the story came to me during editing. I’ve found that that is usually the case. When I look at the whole picture, everything often comes into a razor-sharp focus for me.
  I also added to the upcoming Earth and sky, day and Night series of novels and movies as a whole.
  BTW, all the names of the restaurants and bars and bookstores and discos are fake. I usually don’t advertise for anyone if I can avoid it. The places, however, are real, or they once were.
  This is a London story, and the city is just as much a character, a part of the story as all the rest.
  Yes, a true new age, part great, part sinister beyond words is coming upon mankind, whether mankind wants to or not.