Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The true culprits

  Theresa May, the Conservatives, US/UK//FRANCE/NATO and western politicians in general are directly responsible for the recent Manchester and London tragedies and all similar. By being and fostering a terror-regime operating all over the world, they have most certainly encouraged (at the very least) such and similar behavior in others. Those even suggesting otherwise are mired in establishment propaganda and unable to see the trees for the forest.
  Libya was a stable and fairly just society before western forces bombed it and killed off Ghadafi and destroyed his regime, one of the most benevolent in Africa. Syria was stable. There wouldn’t have been an insurrection there at all without US/UK/FRANCE/NATO interference and active contribution. The entire Middle East region has in general been a victim of western governments. US/NATO is one of the most aggressive military alliances ever. Of course people are pissed. They should be!
  Western leaders are reaping the harvest of their own terror regime, one they deliberately set in motion and then used the inevitable and self-evident effects to implement stricter surveillance and oppressive legislation on the population of so called western democracies, a move that was clearly one of their main goals.
  The aim of the perpetual war is to paralyze a given population, scare them into accepting any indignity, the worst kind of oppression. Fear is the key to control, and control is what those in charge desire more than anything.

  In other words, people should direct and should have long since directed their rage at them, not at their victims. Warmongers and people calling for more surveillance must be rejected as leaders. It’s long overdue.

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