Saturday, March 11, 2017

Today in Palestine

  A fisherman is shot
  A child is grabbed
  By brutal hands
  And dragged to prison
  A woman is shot and a knife
  Is placed by her side

  Gaza is shelled again today
  Fishing boats are attacked
  By firing gunboats
  A woman giving birth dies
  Delayed at a checkpoint
  Children are tortured in jail

  There are big massacres
  Where Gaza is bombed to dust
  And blood covers the ground
  Where protesters fill the streets
  But Palestine is occupied every day
  Palestinians are constantly attacked
  But protesters stay at home

 Palestine is invaded day and night
 The invading forces attack on the ground
 From the air and from the sea
 The Israeli Occupation Army
 Swarms Palestine armed to the teeth
 Those not accepting that
 Must swarm day and night as well

 Amos Keppler 2017-03-10

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