Saturday, March 11, 2017

Today in Palestine

  A fisherman is shot
  A child is grabbed
  By brutal hands
  And dragged to prison
  A woman is shot and a knife
  Is placed by her side

  Gaza is shelled again today
  Fishing boats are attacked
  By firing gunboats
  A woman giving birth dies
  Delayed at a checkpoint
  Children are tortured in jail

  There are big massacres
  Where Gaza is bombed to dust
  And blood covers the ground
  Where protesters fill the streets
  But Palestine is occupied every day
  Palestinians are constantly attacked
  But protesters stay at home

 Palestine is invaded day and night
 The invading forces attack on the ground
 From the air and from the sea
 The Israeli Occupation Army
 Swarms Palestine armed to the teeth
 Those not accepting that
 Must swarm day and night as well

 Amos Keppler 2017-03-10

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Afraid (II)

  - Don’t be afraid, Sasha soothed her.
  But Lily was afraid, as Sasha put her hands on her shoulders. The heart hammered in her chest, like in a rabbit fleeing from a predator. She visualized how the girl standing behind her grew long, pointed fangs and her sweet features turned into a demonic visage.
  Then Sasha fell on her, held her in her paralyzing grip and bit into her jugular vein with her fangs, and all of it turned all too real, and then Lily found out how it was like when her heart truly hammered in her chest.
  She struggled, she did, or imagined she did, unable to tell if it was real, but if she fought physically against the assault, it was to no avail. The sound of Sasha slurping her blood as she sucked the life out of her became Lily’s entire world. The room faded around her and a terrible weakness overwhelmed the tiny rabbit as it breathed for the last time. She stopped struggling and turned limp in the predator’s iron grip.
  Sasha turned her around.
  - Drink from me the nectar of life and enjoy the pleasures of the hunt forever, she said softly. – Hurry, before it’s too late.
  They stood there face to face, as Lilly’s eyes slid half closed and her vision turned weak and hazy.
  Sasha scratched her wrist and put it in Lily’s open mouth. One more heartbeat, two and Lily closed her mouth, biting hard down on Sasha’s wrist. Blood flowed into her mouth and down her throat. A strength and sensation beyond anything she had ever experienced charged through her, as the alien blood flooded her system.
  - Good girl, Sasha whispered. – Good girl!
  Lilly twisted and shook in the other’s arms. Her mouth let go of the wrist. She stopped moving, practically froze in slow, slow moment and collapsed in the other’s arms. Sasha picked her up and carried her without effort out of the living room. Lily was aware to some degree, even as her eyes slid close and everything stopped within her. Sasha carried her down the stairs to the basement. The door closed and everything turned dark, but Lily still saw details in her surroundings. She sensed them in slow, slow flashes slowly fading. Lily was fading. Everything vanished around her, except the creature taking her into her lap.
  Sasha put her to bed. Its white sheets turned black. Even Sasha faded. Everything turned black. All sensations faded. Everything turned to nothing. Her dreamless sleep began.
  The figure on the bed opened its eyes. The pattern on the ceiling slowly revealed itself. It moved its eyes. Two sweeps, three and it spotted the creature standing slightly to the right of the bed’s front. It sat up and directed its entire attention on the other.
  - There you are. Welcome to the world.
  It recognized the woman somehow, even as confusion kept confounding it. It tried to speak. There were sounds, but she couldn’t form words.
  - It’s mostly the fangs. They keep you from speaking properly. It, like everything else will take time and effort. You’re an infant. You have to learn everything from scratch.
  It rose, doing so effortlessly, as part of an ongoing, flowing movement.
  - Walk to the mirror, infant.
  It did, obeying the compelling voice, stopping in front of the luminous, smooth surface. The mirror did seem to glow in the infant’s wide open vision. The female looked at her face in the mirror, at the long, pointed fangs dripping with saliva. She mumbled something inarticulate.
  - Don’t worry, child, I know what you need. Come with me!
  The woman turned and opened the door. A bright light flooded the dark room and made the child cover her eyes. Tears jumped from the eyes and flooded her cheeks. She kept following the woman up the stairs, into the hall and out the door. Fresh air ripped into sniffing nostrils. Then something else, a beyond powerful, overwhelming sweet stench took its place, making the girl frantic and making her release a loud moan of longing.
  She speeded up, catching up to the woman in a moment, about to overtake her the next. The woman grabbed her and held her back effortlessly. The girl turned limp in her grip and lowered her eyes with a whimper, submitting without a struggle to the dominant force in her presence.
  - Relax, little one, you will get everything you yearn for. You just need to be patient a little longer, take a few more cautious baby steps before you can stride through the night as the great hunter you are.
  They entered a forest, a wilderness almost well within the city limits. The woman followed a trail and the girl followed her. The wet cheeks dried fast as the air pushed at her skin. The many scents overwhelmed her. They surrounded her on all sides, confusing her. She could hardly hear or see because of the overwhelming scents.
  But one in particular, the dominant that had drawn her to the forest pulled her and kept pulling her, making her move without thought and sense of direction. She approached a woman walking in her direction on the trail.
  - Lily? The woman facing her cried out, making her ears hurt. – What happened to you, girl? You’ve been gone for days.
  The girl frowned. The sounds, the syllables, the name sounded vaguely familiar.
  Then it didn’t matter anymore. The near, sweet scent brought by the wind brought her close to the anxious woman. The beating of the jugular vein on the woman’s neck narrowed her vision to nothing.
  The prey turned limp in her grip before she had grabbed her. Huge, vacant eyes stared at nothing. The girl pushed her fangs at the jugular vein and bit through it. Blood, the sweet, tasty blood filled her mouth, flowing down her throat, filling her flesh, her self.
  Ecstasy poured into her. Time lost its meaning again. She swallowed as fast she could, but couldn’t keep some of the blood from flowing from her mouth. It didn’t matter. Her veins, her limbs and everything began burning in the pleasant flame filling her up. She released happy sounds as she fed on the blood of the other woman.
  She felt the prey surrender its life, and it was such a glorious sensation. She swayed a little, the happy smile never leaving her face.
  The empty husk drew its final breath. She dropped it to the ground, while standing there completely mesmerized by the feeling of life surging through her. The hands changed before her eyes, the same transformation she couldn’t see but only sense in her body at large. She stood there swaying and chuckling as she faced the other.
  Speaking proved just as difficult as before. The words, if words they were came out garbled, more like incoherent babble then actual speech.
  - I know. Sasha soothed her. – You want to re-experience this feeling again and again and again. Don’t worry. You will! You shall!
  Sasha stepped close to her. She took some of the blood on the girl’s jaw and splashed it on her forehead.
  - I baptize you Ali and bid you to live a long life filled with pleasures.
  Ali repeated that name, that sound, at least in her mind. Sasha moved and the youngling moved with her. Their movement felt like the wind itself to Ali, like they had become one with it, and she rejoiced in her beating heart.