Friday, February 24, 2017

Two more from one

 These are three versions of the same photograph, the original RAW image

 and two versions altered in Adobe Camera RAW

  I brightened the shadows, darkened the bright spots, sharpened the image and altered color temperature, tweaking the two modified versions in two distinctly different directions. It would be easy to make even more distinctly different versions.
  RAW photos contain far more information than ordinary photos. They can basically be drastically altered without significant loss of quality and should be the favorite choice for any advanced photographer these nights.
  They certainly leave any phone photo in the mud where it belongs.
  Photographed with Canon 5D Mark 3 with the Sigma F1.4 DG 35 mm lens.
  For more photos and modifications and photo art, see my collection Images of a Warm Winter

Monday, February 13, 2017

A fairly inexpensive London trip

  This is from Scandinavia, but can probably be used from most fairly close places in Europe.

  Plane return from Bergen Airport Flesland to London Gatwick: £70
  Train return from the airport to London £18
  Only walking during the entire stay, no underground. One trip costs approximately £2.80 with an Oyster card. If you don’t have an Oyster card and want one that will set you back about £5.
  Two huge Cappuccino (one each day) at Costa Coffee £5.60
  A giant rise with assorted meat dinner plate at the Chinese restaurant of Wong Kei in Wardour Street £5.60
  Coffee at casino at night £2
  Burger meal at casino at night £2.80
  Spare ribs at Fridays £13

  £120 all in all

  You can save even more, if you like, but I’m pleased/content with this. It suits me perfectly! This is the only way I can travel with my slim and worn wallet.

  You leave from the Bergen Flesland airport at 9.15 in the morning with Norwegian and return late the next day, a little more than thirty hours in London without sleep, but with lots of intense experiences of your choice. The key is to stay awake and energized all the time, thus the extensive amounts of coffee. During my previous trip last spring/summer I kept walking most of the time, taking photos day and night. That makes the need for three dinners even bigger, though.