Monday, December 05, 2016

We always knew it would end in violent delights

  And it’s great!
  What I most of all felt at the end of Westworld - the TV-show? I felt freedom, or at least a sense of it.
  A great payoff was given to us in the season finale, a magnificent ending of a magnificent season. The only regret is that it will hard to top this or even continue it. I hope I’m wrong, but they will probably scale it back down a bit.
  The plot with William that most viewers had long since solved was over and done early in the episode, and they could move on to the truly important stuff. Another well thought of decision. I love complex and ambitious stories and this is a doozy. It’s so far above almost everything else out there that whatever competition there might be is left far behind. I didn’t think they could pull it off. My expectation to the show before it began was hopeful but moderate. I couldn’t conceive of how they could make the story interesting, quite frankly, but they did, surpassing my expectations.
  Dolores is Wyatt, is the center at the end of the maze at the end of the story. What she had searched for all this time was… herself.
  The man in black, desperate to find a way out of his stale, cynical existence finally found that life was worth living.
  All the bullshit of current mankind is blown out of the water.
  I love it!
  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and the adoring circles gathered around them loathe this.
  Among many things this is also great atheism. The god myth is explored and rejected. The Michelangelo painting was a great touch.
  The writers/creators show great imagination, far more so than Michael Crichton did in his rather unimaginative movie. They didn’t take it just one step beyond that, but many.
  This is cinema far beyond cinema and hopefully the future of visual storytelling. I said that it would be five years ago and I was right. Just to go to the theater and sit down for two hours is passé and has been for a very long time. This is how it’s supposed to be, how it should have been from the start.
  Anyone with a camera and somewhat decent equipment can do it, perhaps not with this one’s «production value» (another long since outdated industry expression), but still.

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