Monday, November 07, 2016

Internet mood

  During my first years on the Internet twenty years ago I met up with several people, among them one guy living in the Amazonian jungle. At least he was claiming he was doing it and he posted photographs regularly to match his claim. I lost contact with him after a time and never regained it. I’ve always wondered what happened to him. I had long, nightly conversation with a New Orleans witch. There were many others. Friendly and unfriendly people were right there, at my fingertips. They still are! It was one of my motivations in the first place to join in on the «Internet Craze».I wanted first and foremost to meet people with common interests, and I did.

  I sit here in a chair, in front of a monitor, visiting the world. I talk with people on other continents, visit distant cities and countries.
  It’s a bad exchange for true travel, but still filled with great moments. In spite of my stated distrust and disgust of advanced technology, it’s impossible to not be grabbed by something like that. I keep meeting people I would never have met otherwise and to those of us with our humanity pretty much intact, in spite of the dehumanizing processes dominating today’s society that feels even greater. We’re encouraged to travel and meet up with people in real life, and we do. It becomes real, can be real if we make it so, if we in truth make it a part of the real world and not make the real world a part of the fake world.
  The Internet can never and should never be the most important part of our life, but it can add to it, become a great supplement, adding to the joy we have breathing real air, step on real soil and meet flesh and blood people. It turned out to be something special because it grew into that great meeting place for freedom and free expression of thought. Those in charge didn’t want that. It grew in spite of them, in spite of all their wishes into something they wish to corrupt and destroy.

  So, yes, it turned out to be something valuable.

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