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Author's Word (2016) - Thunder Road - Ice and Fire

  This, my second longest novel was originally completed in 2002, and it was ready for publication not long afterwards. I was very pleased with that version and still am for that matter.
  But I still know that I am taking it many steps beyond that as I translate and expand upon it. The narrative flow is much better. Fourteen years have passed, and I have learned even more and experienced so much more, and I can add bits and pieces from my later experiences as I go, and also change the overall story slightly, moving it towards something that is even closer to my original vision.
  It is the same story, but this is a different book, really.
  Looking at it, it’s amazing everything I see now that I didn’t see then.
  This is one of my third generation novels, unlike the fourth generation I’m currently writing.
  A lot of new knowledge has also been added about the human created climate change, even though I’m also pretty pleased about how the first version was in predicting the future. I and other people and scientists were right and those taking the cautious approach in their predictions were wrong: Reality, what is actually happening is far worse than those early official predictions.
  The story of the novel culminates in 2015, but that’s mostly due to its connection with Dreams Belong to the Night and its internal timeline. The story should be seen to take place «a few years from now».
  Most of what is described in the book has already happened in real life, though. Only the last few, decisive events have yet to occur.
  Dreams Belong to the Night was never meant to be the end of it. «Dreams» is about people challenging tyranny head on. This one is about them vanquishing it.
  I made a thorough study of Bergen before and during the writing of the story, studying old and new maps and noticing how far each spot was above the current sea level, stuff like that and more. It’s amazing to make such a study of a city I’ve known since birth, and realize that there was a lot I didn’t know.
  One curious fact is that the length of chapters varies dramatically. Usually, in other books they’re close to the same length.
  I had originally planned two more books in the series. Then I decided I would never do them, that I would give my other books and projects priority instead, but while redoing this one, the desire to do the rest of the story has re-emerged. Sigh…
  Excitement grew as I approached the ending of this book.
  This is not a warning. It’s a celebration. Civilization is collapsing and the characters, the author and the aware readers are all doing the happy dance. It’s cold, hard reality, not a fairytale, but still an optimistic story, exactly because humanity says a roaring NO to what has oppressed us all for so long.
  This story clearly differs significantly from other collapse stories. There’s nothing of the usual praise for what is Going Away, but on the contrary a pure joy of what is returning to human life.

  «In the embers of the century, we are drawn to a glow. We crave the white heat of technology, while our hearts are growing cold». Tilda Swinton - Visions of heaven and hell - UK Channel Four 1994

 Völuspá - the poetic Edda - two interpretations:

 I recall of giants from primordial times.
 Those who gave me birth in former days:
 Nine worlds I can reckon, nine huge expanses,
 And the glorious tree of the world, deep under the ground

 I tell of giants from times forgotten.
 Those who fed me in former days:
 Nine worlds I can reckon, nine roots of the tree.
 The wonderful ash, way under the ground

                                                            Earth First slogan

  They say that those living by the sword will die by the sword, and there is something to that, inevitably, since the chances of dying early are certainly increasing. I’m certainly not romanticizing anything here.
  But those same people don’t say much about what will happen to people not living by the sword, not wielding a sharp blade when it’s called for, when it’s desperately needed.
  Today, today, it’s desperately needed, not by the meek soldier, the eager puppet of tyranny, but by the true warrior, by those using any available and unavailable weapon or given method in order to end tyranny, by those hungering for freedom beyond words, beyond reason, by those eager to see all tyrannies crumble to dust, by those burning by a desire to see the entire, irredeemable current human society be washed away, until only its ashes remain.
  Passion, one almost consuming you, one mostly lacking in those seeking peace no matter the price, is burning in those living and dying by the sword…
  Peace is for the grave, a pipe and wrong dream, and will only rarely touch the warrior in twilight.
  Somewhere, somewhen a hand shaking in fire is picking up the bloodstained blade.

  Amos Keppler
  April 1, 1994 - August 22, 2002
  215. night 12057
  In the second year in the time of the Twilight Storm

  Revision of story and English translation
  December 29, 2010 - June 20, 2016
  181. night 12061

  In the sixteenth year in the time of the Twilight Storm

  The book is for sale at Amazon and AmazonUK and Barnes & Noble and The Book Depository and basically all over the world.

The novel will be published December 21, 2016

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