Sunday, October 09, 2016

Worth it?

  I’ve been using Canon 5D Mark 3 since November 2013 and am quite pleased with it. It’s a great all-round quality camera for all types of use.
  Now, the new, highly anticipated model 5D Mark 4 is finally here, and I wondered if it was so much better than the previous model that it was worth buying.
  The short answer is definitely no. The Mark 4 is clearly better, a nice upgrade, with several new and improved functions and features.
  But it’s not a definite improvement. There’s nothing about it creating excitement to the point of making it a must to have and own. I often skip versions, Windows, software in general and hardware upgrades and in this case I feel no burning need to upgrade at all.
  The 4k function is a disaster, an insult to potential users, quite frankly, completely useless and beyond disappointing. I will rather buy Black Magic or similar if I want to upgrade my film camera. 5D mark 2 was a photo camera with film capabilities. Mark 3 is a film camera with photo-capabilities. And now Canon has become full circle, and mark 4 is useless to cinematographers.

  If I needed a new camera for taking photographs, I would have considered it, but I don’t.

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