Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shadows of fall

  This summer I watched Dead of Summer, Dark Matter and Stranger Things. This fall I will watch Agents of Shield, Frequency, Timeless, Westworld, Aftermath, Channel Zero, The Blacklist, Flash, Blindspot, Falling Water, Van Helsing, Luke Cage, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

  Dark Matter continues to be one of the best shows around, a very fulfilling ride. I may stop watching Legends of Tomorrow fast. Flash is also slowly falling out of favor.
  I like Van Helsing so far. It is a fairly original take on vampires. I hadn’t expected much from it at all, but it turned out to be pleasant surprise. The same holds true with Frequency.
  Luke Cage has the same slow, intense storytelling as Jessica Jones. It describes a place and group of people I know very little about and makes it somewhat accessible to me, which is always a great feat. The quality dropped after the sixth episode, though, and can’t measure up to Jessica Jones after that, but then, almost nothing can.

  Yes, I do prefer Fantasy/science fiction stuff and would love to see more horror (true horror, not splatter crap). Themes handled in Timeless, Channel Zero, Falling Water, Westworld and Van Helsing are closest to my heart. First and second episode of Westworld were amazing, in so many ways, with such depth, so many layers of complexity and storytelling.

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