Tuesday, August 16, 2016

If not now, when???

  This isn’t mine. I just feel strongly that it should be posted everywhere, every day. If the original poster wants to be credited, just give me a word.

  2000: I Know, but you have to vote against Bush.
  Maybe next election we can have real change
  2004: I Know, but you have to vote against Bush.
  Maybe next election we can have real change
  2008: I Know, but you have to vote against McCain.
  Maybe next election we can have real change
  2012: I Know, but you have to vote against Romney.
  Maybe next election we can have real change
  2016: I Know, but you have to vote against Trump.

  Maybe next election we can have real change

  This is another similar, striking angle on the same issue, valid in all countries:

Sunday, August 07, 2016

What Bernie Sanders should have said in his speech July 25

  A democratic socialist is a capitalist and that’s certainly one thing that’s wrong with him or her.
  I was skeptical to Bernie Sanders from the start because of that and other reasons, mainly because he doesn’t go far enough in his fairly radical thinking, but he won me over until he endorsed Hillary Clinton.
  The first question I ask when I encounter a professed radical person is: does he or she truly wish to dramatically change society? If not, that person is not that interesting to me.

  This, in short should have been the Sanders speech:

  I’ve been asked to endorse Hillary Clinton as a candidate for the US presidency. This is normal procedure for the losing candidate. I, however choose not to do that, for several crucial reasons. I initially intended to do so, but, as the various shocking and appalling events have piled up, I’ve been forced to change my mind.
  The amount of animosity towards me by the DNC and support in favor of Clinton has been unprecedented. A body supposed to be neutral has thrown their entire support behind one establishment candidate, and also actively enlisted their numerous supporters in establishment media to take part in the attacks and general deception. There has also been extensive, quantifiable and obvious cheating, at the very least in several key states, probably more.
  Then there is the crucial question about Clinton’s very character, her lies, cheating and deception, her connection to forces in our society no politician should have any connection to: the military/industrial complex, to Wall Street and other powerful groups of people and corporations in general, among them Monsanto, Goldman Sachs and AIPAC. She’s a war monger, even a war criminal, in a time where humanity is screaming for peace. She should have been charged with criminal activity, numerous criminal activities actually.
  But the most important reason for not supporting, endorsing her is her policies, policies totally unable to solve the vast problems plaguing humanity and the world in the twenty-first century.
  The policies as they in fact have been and are, not what she says they are in her numerous lies and deceptions.
  They say we should vote for her, in order to keep Donald Trump from becoming president, but she’s no better than he is. In some ways, she’s worse.
  In my eyes, she’s totally unfit to be US president.
  We have wondered for decades if the Democratic Party is just as bad as the Republican Party. This year, it has been proven beyond doubt that it is. The Democratic Party has, with its actions exposed itself. That is one, good thing we get from it all. It will never regain the trust it has lost, not in a million years.
  I will hereby endorse Jill Stein of the Green Party. The United States and the world as a whole need, more than ever a third, truly alternative option to the established parties.
  In a general election where the two major parties, the War and Business Party nominates two of the most unpopular and unfit candidates ever, there will never be a bigger hope of succeeding with the third, truly alternative way.
  The independents outnumber by far the Dem and GOP registered voters. A Stein ticket will also receive lots of votes from democrat and republican registered voters. The Green Party has ballot access in most states already. I’d say its chances are good.