Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Change - a brief framework for a truly fair and exciting society

  This, today’s human local, national and global society isn't the Anthropocene, not really, not «the age of man» at all, but of the Machine. We need to change that yesterday, before it is too late.
  People claim and keep claiming that true change, a world where true freedom and equality reign is impossible, is impractical and undesired, but that’s clearly wrong. The world is changed all the time. The question is who is doing the changing and for what purpose.
  Today’s school system teaches competition and conformity and respect for authorities and has an unhealthy focus on subjects. We see where that leads, see that it leads to a society where authority is hardly questioned at all and compassion and freedom are four-letter words. If it instead taught and encouraged true independence and autonomy and critical thinking, if critical thinking and personal autonomy became a major, dominating part of the teaching, the learning, covering at least half of the week and curriculum we would see positive changes pretty soon.
  We can change human society in only one or rather two generations if we truly set our minds to it. It isn’t that difficult or unrealistic at all.
  A society with a justified pride in itself and its work won’t merely accept alternative thought and variety and free expression and creativity, but encourage it and actively discourage the forces of tyranny and oppression so prevalent in current society.
  One of several obvious problems is to find teachers able to teach something most current teachers are totally clueless about. That’s certainly one of several reasons why it will take two generations. There will be a delay, a residue from the old, thoroughly putrid system for quite some time. The obvious solution is to use political radicals and radical political thinkers instead, until the first generation of truly liberated individuals grows up and can take over.
  The major problem, of course is that we don’t live in a free society, but its complete opposite, and that those in charge of it, those of wealth and power don’t desire anything even resembling true change. They are fine with how it is. It serves their purpose perfectly.
  So people need to take charge of their own lives and create truly autonomous societies and a network of such rejecting the current destructive society and philosophy and system of things completely.
  We need dozens of big and small paradigm shifts, turning humanity around on its heels.
  This is a framework, a blueprint if you will for a truly fair and exciting society. It needs work and will always need work, an always present flexibility and ability to react to changing conditions and inevitable imperfections within the system, but this is both the desirable and needed direction and path we must tread.
  We have wasted so much time already, on vain and downright unhealthy pursuits. That must end before it ends us. It’s well under way at doing that.

  I wrote this before breakfast today, but I’ve pondered the subject for quite a while, for many years, really.

  These are basically the conclusions of the Hordaland branch of the Norwegian Pirate Party during the «election» last year.

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Joe Segal said...

Thoughtful piece thanks! "people need to take charge of their own lives and create truly autonomous societies and a network of such". What would an autonomous society look like? Are not we all connected and interdependent on this Earth as all life forms are? We are part of a global ecosystem in our economies and ecology.

Malcom X wrote that one of his mistakes was trying to create a movement before helping to free people's minds first. You address this idea above. The question is with millions of people having for at least twelve years each attended the very school system you described that indoctrinates and teaches conformity/obedience, how do we help people unlearn that?

In my experience it's hard for people to participate in society as free thinking independent people when they/we are struggling just to keep indoors and fed. So before we free people's minds we must free ourselves economically.

We need to help each other to work for, to earn money at buying and selling fair trade, socially responsible, sustainable goods and services that are not part of the corporate economy. We need to join, shop at and share worker owned business cooperatives so we democratize the economy and restore power to working families.

Until we free people economically it's going to be hard to free us all in every other way. Using apps like http://www.goodguide.com/ to rate how "green" socially responsible the things we give our money to/spend money on is one way to use our power together to change the paradigm.

Working to create civic empowerment groups locally to educate each other with non corporate media, documentaries, book readings, open mic nights etc is another way to change things.

Keep up the great work!
Joseph Segal @joesegal