Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thick, thick blinders

  Erik Solheim, the old rebel environmentalist, the new director of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has long since become sickeningly mainstream. He claims with a straight face that human society is improving, and even claim that we’re actually dealing with the vast challenges confronting us.
  He’s very typical in that regard as well.
  He comes off as pretty smug, actually, and like a zealous defender of a society and order he once strongly opposed. This is pretty common, unfortunately. Once radical people often become more conservative and even conservatives as they grow older, more or less disregarding the spirited approach to the world dominating them in their youth. They join the mainstream, the establishment of an oppressive and destructive society, which like we have hardly seen before in human history, one taking one or ten turns for the worse every day.
  When such a man is hired to do the job, to lead others in one of the foremost environmental bodies on the globe, it’s even clearer that we are in trouble, in trouble to our ears.
  In a world of horrible priorities, he becomes just one more bad choice.

  I support the various Green Parties across the planet. I certainly see their policies as a step in the right direction. I have several major disagreements with them, all related to the fact that they don’t go far enough, that they aren’t even close to doing that, and that they cling to a thoroughly unfair society that is ultimately doomed. There are some members agreeing with me here, but not enough by far.
  I was a member of the Norwegian and British green parties twenty-five years ago, but left in frustration. I have considered rejoining several times since then, but every time I approach current material and actions and attitudes, I see that nothing has changed. I shake my head and decide to remain on the outside. I/we can clearly do far more worthwhile stuff there.
  The consensus among true environmentalists, those of us not belonging to any organization is that even if a world-wide Green Party got hundred percent of the voters behind them and all the actions in their political programs were implemented all over the planet… it wouldn’t save humanity and life on Earth in general, wouldn’t be even close to doing it…
  Instead it would only further sustain the ongoing dangerous illusion that something worthwhile is done.
  The same is true for all the other so called green organizations.
  Humanity is committing collective suicide, and they just want to polish already dead policies.
  I and others keep telling members this, but it doesn’t seem to reach their conscious mind at all. They are quite simply too caught up in mainstream society to get it and don’t see the need for the vast changes needed in order to make a difference.

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