Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thick, thick blinders

  Erik Solheim, the old rebel environmentalist, the new director of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has long since become sickeningly mainstream. He claims with a straight face that human society is improving, and even claim that we’re actually dealing with the vast challenges confronting us.
  He’s very typical in that regard as well.
  He comes off as pretty smug, actually, and like a zealous defender of a society and order he once strongly opposed. This is pretty common, unfortunately. Once radical people often become more conservative and even conservatives as they grow older, more or less disregarding the spirited approach to the world dominating them in their youth. They join the mainstream, the establishment of an oppressive and destructive society, which like we have hardly seen before in human history, one taking one or ten turns for the worse every day.
  When such a man is hired to do the job, to lead others in one of the foremost environmental bodies on the globe, it’s even clearer that we are in trouble, in trouble to our ears.
  In a world of horrible priorities, he becomes just one more bad choice.

  I support the various Green Parties across the planet. I certainly see their policies as a step in the right direction. I have several major disagreements with them, all related to the fact that they don’t go far enough, that they aren’t even close to doing that, and that they cling to a thoroughly unfair society that is ultimately doomed. There are some members agreeing with me here, but not enough by far.
  I was a member of the Norwegian and British green parties twenty-five years ago, but left in frustration. I have considered rejoining several times since then, but every time I approach current material and actions and attitudes, I see that nothing has changed. I shake my head and decide to remain on the outside. I/we can clearly do far more worthwhile stuff there.
  The consensus among true environmentalists, those of us not belonging to any organization is that even if a world-wide Green Party got hundred percent of the voters behind them and all the actions in their political programs were implemented all over the planet… it wouldn’t save humanity and life on Earth in general, wouldn’t be even close to doing it…
  Instead it would only further sustain the ongoing dangerous illusion that something worthwhile is done.
  The same is true for all the other so called green organizations.
  Humanity is committing collective suicide, and they just want to polish already dead policies.
  I and others keep telling members this, but it doesn’t seem to reach their conscious mind at all. They are quite simply too caught up in mainstream society to get it and don’t see the need for the vast changes needed in order to make a difference.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The perpetual war

  I spoke without a script, as usual. This, from memory only is a somewhat approximate transcript of my speech at the Stop NATO meeting in Bergen, Norway on May 8.

  A code of silence is notable in all western countries, a long row of issues missing from public debate. NATO and a given country’s membership there are clearly among those. There’s a manufactured consent in mainstream society, one making the massive propaganda machine kicking into gear every time anyone attempts to raise the subject. Those doing that are ignored, ridiculed and persecuted. Mainstream media and society are eager cohorts in the loud and silent choir of conformity. Established media has long since become the fourth, supporting estate, no longer even attempting to be any sort of corrective to the dominant forces of society.
  George Orwell spoke at length about the eternal war. It is remarkable how much of his predictions have become true, including that. It’s a sad, sad truth that those in charge used his story 1984 as a roadmap instead of a warning. The eternal war doesn’t need any justification except its own existence. A lot of pretexts are served a subjugated population, like the «War on Terror», the latest invention of those in charge in order to keep a given population down. Such pretexts are used to implement ever more oppressive laws, ever more extensive surveillance, and so on. Video-cameras are everywhere in public space today. Surveillance of the Internet and phone conversations becomes ever more extensive. The NSA exposure, among others proved that they don’t target specific people or groups. They are after everybody.

  NATO is not a benign organization by any stretch of the imagination and has never been one, but after it lost any validity it once might have had after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, it has taken one or ten turns for the worse.
  After the fall of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact there was a brief period of hope that we were headed in the right direction. Defense budgets were actually cut, even in the United States. It took time for the oppressive forces of the world to adapt to the new circumstances. Suddenly, there was no enemy to point at anymore. They had to find another.
  With the events at September 11, 2001 they did. The illusion of a benign order of western government fell like the house of cards it was. New wars and new, oppressive laws followed on an assembly line. Suddenly distant, unthreatening regimes and small groups of Afghan mountain people and Middle Eastern extreme religious groups being no threat to us with any stretch of the imagination were the Big Threat.
  It has grown from there, showing us that the true threat to us all is NATO/US combined forces. The United States is the leading force of this alliance of aggression, one of the most aggressive military alliances ever, but the rest is certainly eager participants. When Libya was bombed, Norway, once a somewhat reluctant participant in NATO aggression was responsible for most of the bombing. The United Kingdom’s parliament voted with zealous eagerness to bomb Syria. Most other member countries are just as eager. There used to be massive resistance, but now there is little or no opposition against NATO-membership in most member countries anymore. A unison agreement has fallen in various parliamentary bodies and big and small political parties.
  The world has basically been at war since 1938, if not longer, much longer, a state of ongoing conflict growing even more intense the last twenty years. Militarism leads human existence on all fronts.
  Pervasive propaganda tells us that unthreatening countries and groups are the threat, and also that we are bombing and invading a given country and killing massive numbers of its population in order to save its population from cruel dictators…

  It’s totally amazing that such bald faced lies, distortions and deceptions are believed, but they are, by a more or less clueless and disinterested mainstream population, and we all suffer because of it. It has to end, yesterday!

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

No way, pig!

  I used to be afraid of cops in my youth, but have long since grown, taken long leaps of growth from that sorry state of affairs. I acknowledge that they have physical power over me, but that’s «all». They can’t touch your true self if you don’t allow it, and you shouldn’t.
  Some years ago, while I still owned a car, I was pulled aside by a patrolling police officer and given a ticket for not wearing a safety belt.
  - It’s important that you wear your belt, you know, he said casually. – It will save your life someday.
  - I don’t use a safety belt, I replied, just as casually.
  He frowned.
  - Wearing a safety belt is mandatory, he stressed. – It’s the law.
  - I don’t use a safety belt, I repeated.
  - It’s the law, he repeated.
  I was not impressed.
  - «When the law is immoral or wrong, it’s everyone's right and duty to break it», I paraphrased. – This and similar regulations have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with the need those in charge have of controlling the citizens of a given society. The issue of whether or not wearing the safety belt is a minor one, I grant you, but not unimportant.
  The frown grew deeper, visible.
  He gave me the ticket.
  - I think we will do a check up of your car as well, he said.
  I couldn’t hold back the grin. He was as predictable as all of his kind, all bullies. When they don’t get to have their way with you, when they realize that they don’t scare you, they get desperate. Through a bit of coincidence and luck, I had been prepared for this. I had had the car to extensive service only two weeks before.
  He checked the lights, the breaks, the slack of the wheel, under the hood, if I was intoxicated and just about anything under the sun and the moon he could think of and could easily get away with… without finding anything.
  - There are lots of other controls today, he whimpered eventually. – The roads are practically swarming with officers.
  He emphasized his words as if he was paid to do so (and he is). I was not impressed.
  - Thank you for the tip, officer, I said. – I will probably wear my belt for the rest of the day then, and will save a lot of money. You are most kind…
  My passengers had a great time and had started giggling openly some time ago.
  Two other cars that had been pulled in with me started blowing the horn.
  I knew he wanted to do bad things to me then, wanted it bad. His eyes were practically bulging in his skull. You don’t need a crystal ball to see the obvious.
  - I will never wear a safety belt, I stated. – Never in your dreams.
  I drove on. He remained on the spot, a sad little bully robbed of his toys.

  This is exactly like it happened. The dialogue is spot on. I haven’t exaggerated in any way, not making myself look braver than I was. It’s only one modest, minor example of many similar and bigger cases through the years. I chose this one because it’s a bit funnier than the others…

  I’m quite pleased with how I behave in the company of cops as an adult.