Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The occasional value of coincidences

  In a rather amazing turn of events earlier today, the following occurred:
  James, for perfectly valid reasons couldn’t keep our appointment today. That made me make an appointment with John instead, and because of that I took a great photo on the spot we met, and because of that we took a long stroll on the long Bergen harbor, where I took lots of photos and great photos.
  It’s highly unlikely that those photos would ever have seen the light of day if James had kept his appointment.
  The light was special today. There were other factors as well. To repeat the special circumstances would be difficult, even when I’m aware of them, even as I’ve discovered their value. If not for me not meeting up with James and me meeting up with John, I never would.

  Sometimes life truly throws lemonade at you.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Using flash?

  I do see some uses for flash in photography, I do, but mostly I avoid using it.
  During the last two years I’ve hardly used it all. I prefer what in photography is called «natural light», which is any light present that’s not a flash or flash setup, including various common electrical lamps and lights in living rooms, streets and such.
  Photographers favoring use of flash claim everyone would use flash «if only they knew everything you can do with it», but that just isn’t the case. It isn’t really that difficult to know and do. I and others quite simply prefer natural light.
  Natural light, generally speaking makes better photographs.

  I will return to this subject later, with illustrations.