Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The pervasive poison of racism

  Once again an ill wind is blowing through western countries.
  Yet another bad thing about racism, xenophobia in addition to the racism, xenophobia itself is that they’re easy to control by those in charge. One minor «news» report is sufficient to make them explode in fear and loathing. They’re eager to support the true ruling force in any given society. They brag about the greatness of their country at any given opportunity, embracing its propaganda. Even those not quite racist echo eagerly some of their «arguments» and favorite beefs.
  Their current, big favorite is to jump when any «news» about Muslim individuals committing bad acts become public, totally disregarding any sense of proportion.
  Any given minority could, at any time become a favorite of their hatred.
  Xenophobia ruins every society where it takes root, and should be rejected instantly and without exception.
  The typical rapist in western countries is a young, white male at a late night party, one well known to the victim. While that fact is kept pretty much quiet by established media, every single occasional rape by minorities and migrants is given attention beyond any reason.
  It’s very important, even crucial to expose such lies, such propaganda, stuffing it down the throats of all everyday racists and their masters.
  The poison of racism is so sneaky and pervasive that a large, way too large part of a given population practically takes the reality it’s presenting for granted.
  That must end, now. There are no more acceptable excuses for believing such shit, not even for a moment!
  There’s nothing more despicable than a racist, also because such a malicious view of mankind is accompanied by and closely related to a number of other atrocious viewpoints that anyone calling themselves human beings should reject offhand.

  Once again: It’s the racists that should leave a given country (and be deported to Jan Mayen, a cold North Sea island with an active volcano), not those they harass and threaten.
  To be clear, to those who do not understand irony or even sarcasm: It's the racists/xenophobes that are talking about deporting people, migrants, refugees to remote locations.

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