Monday, March 28, 2016

The deceptive impression of witches perpetuated

  Mainstream broadcasting and publishing industry continues, deliberately and through ignorance to get witches and witchcraft wrong. To say that there are gross inaccuracies in the portrayal of such people and such truly alternative viewpoints is to put it mildly.
  Mainstream shills keep claiming we live in enlightened times, but witches are still portrayed as servants of Satan and other preposterous depictions.
  The Secret Circle, a US TV-show at least partly sympathetic to witches was taken off the air in spite of fairly favorable ratings. Rampant, insistent rumors spoke about one of the Christian executives wanting it off the air. Looking at the bigger picture, that isn’t hard to imagine at all.
  When virtually all current mainstream movies on the subject portray witches in a bad light and those hunting, torturing and killing them as heroes, and there is a reoccurrence of such movies and far more of them, it shouldn’t be seen as a coincidence. Most people won’t get it, as usual, but those with a keen eye for propaganda will have no trouble spotting it.
  All minorities are usually portrayed in a bad or suspicious light in mainstream movies. Arabs have been cast as the bad guy in movies for decades, and we see the result. Mainstream propaganda works. Mainstream movies and books form people’s opinion, moving it in certain desired directions.
  Truly alternative thought is shunned and vilified. Witches have been shunned and vilified for centuries, blamed for all bad things. The risk of a true return to the Burning Times is always There. When mainstream tools are used in massive attacks against a given group, there is indeed reason for concern.

  In a modern society where an ill wind is blowing ever harder, that concern is magnified many times.

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