Sunday, March 20, 2016

The absolutely wrong Wonder Woman

  The movies where Gal Gadot, former soldier in Israel Occupation Army (IOF) plays a part can be as great as humanly possible, and I still won’t watch them.
  She’s quite the fanatical Zionist, eagerly defending the Gaza slaughter the summer of 2014, where more than 500 children were murdered, butchered by the army she’s defending.
  All movies and stories with Zionist propaganda or Zionist actors should be boycotted, but this one is a notch worse than the rest of them, because of her participation. She’s absolutely no wonder woman, in any shape or form, but something completely opposite.
  Reading interviews with her, it becomes clear that she’s also a giant hypocrite, speaking highly about the ideals and values of Wonder Woman, disregarding and «elegantly» bypassing all the horrors she and her fellow zionists visit upon Palestine and the Palestinian people.
  She knows well what’s going on.
  Established mainstream media, as usual fails to ask her one single crucial and critical question.
  If you think her active support of one of the worst and most brutal tyrannies in existence poses no problem for you, you should take a long and hard look in the mirror.
  This is a miscast of infinite proportions.
  Just the thought of her being given such an important platform to spread her racism and her support of apartheid israel and its pervasive oppression makes me sick!
  In a recent Pew Research Center survey almost half of the israeli Jews wanted the Palestinians gone, supported expulsion of Arabs. Seventy-nine percent wanted «special treatment» for Jews. It certainly isn’t a view only held by the fringe. That also exposes the civilian Zionism as the fundamental racist and oppressive ideology it is. It reveals in excellent ways what happens when racism/xenophobia overwhelms a given society, just like it did in Nazi Germany.

  Zionism is a powerful force in Hollywood, in Hollywood as well, threatening to blacklist anyone criticizing it. When Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem signed a letter condemning the 2014 israeli massacre in Gaza that entire force fell on them, represented by several executives, their numerous supporters in established media and also Gal Gadot, of course. Other famous and vocal Palestine supporters have received death threats from rabid zionists. Such forces must be fought tooth and nail, in small and big ways.
  A moderate method in that regard, and of fighting Zionism and the israeli oppression of the Palestinians in general is BDS - Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. Israel should be closed off from the rest of the world in all important ways. Contact should be rudimentary at most, until the grave injustice visited upon the Palestinian people is rectified.

  Though BDS being an obviously moderate, peaceful way of protest and activism, anti-BDS legislation has been introduced by Canadian, French and British authorities, among others, including on state level in the United States, exposing again and beyond doubt zionist power far beyond the Middle East.
  What is becoming more and more self-evident is that humanity as a whole should oppose Zionism and all its acts, both because injustice one place is injustice all places, and because ultimately tyranny must be opposed, or it will grow and fester, reaching out and ruining everything it touches, like the Nazism it’s emulating and «competing» with. Zionism has, by its numerous, ongoing horrible acts, shown itself to be a danger to mankind as a whole.
  Does anyone have a right to oppress others? Of course not! But that is the right Zionism and Zionists demand of the rest of mankind and that they should be denied.

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