Monday, March 28, 2016

The deceptive impression of witches perpetuated

  Mainstream broadcasting and publishing industry continues, deliberately and through ignorance to get witches and witchcraft wrong. To say that there are gross inaccuracies in the portrayal of such people and such truly alternative viewpoints is to put it mildly.
  Mainstream shills keep claiming we live in enlightened times, but witches are still portrayed as servants of Satan and other preposterous depictions.
  The Secret Circle, a US TV-show at least partly sympathetic to witches was taken off the air in spite of fairly favorable ratings. Rampant, insistent rumors spoke about one of the Christian executives wanting it off the air. Looking at the bigger picture, that isn’t hard to imagine at all.
  When virtually all current mainstream movies on the subject portray witches in a bad light and those hunting, torturing and killing them as heroes, and there is a reoccurrence of such movies and far more of them, it shouldn’t be seen as a coincidence. Most people won’t get it, as usual, but those with a keen eye for propaganda will have no trouble spotting it.
  All minorities are usually portrayed in a bad or suspicious light in mainstream movies. Arabs have been cast as the bad guy in movies for decades, and we see the result. Mainstream propaganda works. Mainstream movies and books form people’s opinion, moving it in certain desired directions.
  Truly alternative thought is shunned and vilified. Witches have been shunned and vilified for centuries, blamed for all bad things. The risk of a true return to the Burning Times is always There. When mainstream tools are used in massive attacks against a given group, there is indeed reason for concern.

  In a modern society where an ill wind is blowing ever harder, that concern is magnified many times.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The absolutely wrong Wonder Woman

  The movies where Gal Gadot, former soldier in Israel Occupation Army (IOF) plays a part can be as great as humanly possible, and I still won’t watch them.
  She’s quite the fanatical Zionist, eagerly defending the Gaza slaughter the summer of 2014, where more than 500 children were murdered, butchered by the army she’s defending.
  All movies and stories with Zionist propaganda or Zionist actors should be boycotted, but this one is a notch worse than the rest of them, because of her participation. She’s absolutely no wonder woman, in any shape or form, but something completely opposite.
  Reading interviews with her, it becomes clear that she’s also a giant hypocrite, speaking highly about the ideals and values of Wonder Woman, disregarding and «elegantly» bypassing all the horrors she and her fellow zionists visit upon Palestine and the Palestinian people.
  She knows well what’s going on.
  Established mainstream media, as usual fails to ask her one single crucial and critical question.
  If you think her active support of one of the worst and most brutal tyrannies in existence poses no problem for you, you should take a long and hard look in the mirror.
  This is a miscast of infinite proportions.
  Just the thought of her being given such an important platform to spread her racism and her support of apartheid israel and its pervasive oppression makes me sick!
  In a recent Pew Research Center survey almost half of the israeli Jews wanted the Palestinians gone, supported expulsion of Arabs. Seventy-nine percent wanted «special treatment» for Jews. It certainly isn’t a view only held by the fringe. That also exposes the civilian Zionism as the fundamental racist and oppressive ideology it is. It reveals in excellent ways what happens when racism/xenophobia overwhelms a given society, just like it did in Nazi Germany.

  Zionism is a powerful force in Hollywood, in Hollywood as well, threatening to blacklist anyone criticizing it. When Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem signed a letter condemning the 2014 israeli massacre in Gaza that entire force fell on them, represented by several executives, their numerous supporters in established media and also Gal Gadot, of course. Other famous and vocal Palestine supporters have received death threats from rabid zionists. Such forces must be fought tooth and nail, in small and big ways.
  A moderate method in that regard, and of fighting Zionism and the israeli oppression of the Palestinians in general is BDS - Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. Israel should be closed off from the rest of the world in all important ways. Contact should be rudimentary at most, until the grave injustice visited upon the Palestinian people is rectified.

  Though BDS being an obviously moderate, peaceful way of protest and activism, anti-BDS legislation has been introduced by Canadian, French and British authorities, among others, including on state level in the United States, exposing again and beyond doubt zionist power far beyond the Middle East.
  What is becoming more and more self-evident is that humanity as a whole should oppose Zionism and all its acts, both because injustice one place is injustice all places, and because ultimately tyranny must be opposed, or it will grow and fester, reaching out and ruining everything it touches, like the Nazism it’s emulating and «competing» with. Zionism has, by its numerous, ongoing horrible acts, shown itself to be a danger to mankind as a whole.
  Does anyone have a right to oppress others? Of course not! But that is the right Zionism and Zionists demand of the rest of mankind and that they should be denied.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The pervasive poison of racism

  Once again an ill wind is blowing through western countries.
  Yet another bad thing about racism, xenophobia in addition to the racism, xenophobia itself is that they’re easy to control by those in charge. One minor «news» report is sufficient to make them explode in fear and loathing. They’re eager to support the true ruling force in any given society. They brag about the greatness of their country at any given opportunity, embracing its propaganda. Even those not quite racist echo eagerly some of their «arguments» and favorite beefs.
  Their current, big favorite is to jump when any «news» about Muslim individuals committing bad acts become public, totally disregarding any sense of proportion.
  Any given minority could, at any time become a favorite of their hatred.
  Xenophobia ruins every society where it takes root, and should be rejected instantly and without exception.
  The typical rapist in western countries is a young, white male at a late night party, one well known to the victim. While that fact is kept pretty much quiet by established media, every single occasional rape by minorities and migrants is given attention beyond any reason.
  It’s very important, even crucial to expose such lies, such propaganda, stuffing it down the throats of all everyday racists and their masters.
  The poison of racism is so sneaky and pervasive that a large, way too large part of a given population practically takes the reality it’s presenting for granted.
  That must end, now. There are no more acceptable excuses for believing such shit, not even for a moment!
  There’s nothing more despicable than a racist, also because such a malicious view of mankind is accompanied by and closely related to a number of other atrocious viewpoints that anyone calling themselves human beings should reject offhand.

  Once again: It’s the racists that should leave a given country (and be deported to Jan Mayen, a cold North Sea island with an active volcano), not those they harass and threaten.
  To be clear, to those who do not understand irony or even sarcasm: It's the racists/xenophobes that are talking about deporting people, migrants, refugees to remote locations.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

US «foreign policy» - the ugly, documented truth

  These links cover in brief what has always been US foreign policy. In other words: the military and clandestine services acting as the long arm of business in the United States and other NATO countries.
  I do not necessarily agree with every single statement in these posts, but the overall picture is well documented.

 The Destabilization of Syria – Who Gains? See also other posts on the site

  The six at the top are mostly fairly recent events in Syria and Ukraine. The rest is more or less the entire ugly picture the last two hundred years.

 Empire Files with Abby Martin Launches First Show The rise of the American empire

 Ben Griffin - former UK SAS "The real issue is what we (US/NATO) do to other people"

 How does the CIA do it? -->

  «CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment. So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal:
  «We’ll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us.»
   The Agency then hires, trains and works with them to overthrow the existing government (usually a democracy).».– Steve Kangas, A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

 A Timeline of CIA Atrocities by Steve Kangas

Sunday, March 06, 2016

What a great, extended weekend of sex, drugs and rock’n roll can do for you

  It has created a completely insane creativity, for one. When I wrote three poems the other day, they all came to me simultaneously, and I had to write them on parallel tracks (of paper). I could hardly complete one line before I had to start on another. One verse of one poem was only half done when I felt compelled to write another, both on the same poem and one of the others. I also had dinner at that point. I will put it to you: you’ve never experienced true multitasking before…
  From Friday February 19 to Wednesday evening the coming week I felt like I do during London visits and witchnights and spiritual and physical Journeys in general and that says a lot when it comes to me, and it hasn’t really stopped either. It feels like it just keeps growing in strength and complexity.
  I celebrated with alcohol on Friday evening and the coming night, and kept doing that the next evening and night. Saturday ended up in very sweaty and pleasant circumstances. My mood just skyrocketed and I walked on on light, very light feet. I noticed something different about myself when I finally returned home Sunday morning. When I sat down and started writing that afternoon, I passed a major hurdle of storytelling on the fourteenth chapter of my novel Season of the Witch, a quandary I had tried solving for months, and when I was done there I just kept writing and ended chapter sixteen of Phoenix Green Earth, one I had been working on for three years to get right. I wrote for five hours straight, hardly even taking my eyes off the keyboard.
  Then, on Monday evening, for the first time in eight years I once again could enjoy even better stuff. LSD is such a fantastic experience. I would cautiously recommend it (it’s not a toy) to anyone. It opens you up like a flower, a flower opening a million times. You can’t hide from yourself, but are hammered for what seems like an eternity or many eternities with impressions and sensations, and are forced to confront everything about yourself, both the good and the bad. You face yourself a million times million times. It’s an eye opener of immense proportions, a reboot if you will and not altogether pleasant all the time, but that’s good, too. No emotions are denied you, and you can’t deny any.
  I was totally exhausted on Tuesday morning, also when I woke up later that day. I certainly understand it when people say they sleep for forty-eight hours afterwards. To me a good night early sleep was sufficient.
  I woke up Wednesday morning with a huge smile on my lips, one not going away. It just stayed with me no matter what I did. I met up with several people that day and they noticed the change in me immediately, my inflated good mood and so on. I had suffered a lot of frustrations lately, both personal and from the world at large, but now, even though I care more than ever, they seem to frustrate me far less. Among many other things, dropping acid is a great catharsis. I’ve always been able to enjoy life at its fullest, but those frustrations have dragged me down. They do so to a lesser degree, now.
  Another week has passed, and my creativity just keeps soaring. Earlier today, by the simple act of standing up from my chair, I received a flood of new, parallel impulses. Another of the few times I enjoyed LSD, in April 2003, the two subsequent years were my most productive ever. I hope I can repeat that.
  Any artist worth the name throughout history has enjoyed a wide range of stimulants and substances. I have understood why for a long time. I understand it even better, now.
  The brain, through the thalamus usually restrains the conscious output of sensations, but during an acid trip all that is shot to pieces.
  I can easily and eagerly appreciate that thrice over, as that is what witches do as well. We bring to the outside what rests within.
  «Come all within, come all without. You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn»…

  PS: one of its many qualities is that it’s impossible to get hooked on it. There’s no hunger, no craving for more. If you take it too often and too much, it just won’t work properly, that’s all. Nothing harmful will happen.
  I don’t know anyone that has ever had any trouble with it, even though I know they exist. You should probably avoid it if you suffer from inhibitions and are bottling up your emotions, or if you come from a strict, religious upbringing, because, as stated, it will open you up whether you want to or not.

  The thirty minutes peak is a wild ride that will pull anyone along and smash any walls you have raised around yourself.