Sunday, December 18, 2016

Second (or third) author’s word - Thunder Road: Ice and Fire

  Publishing this at the start of a new year is quite fitting.
  It suddenly dawned on me recently, when I sat there with Thunder Road: Ice and Fire, the fifteenth book I’ve published in six years that not only have I become a seasoned author, but also a seasoned publisher.
  I’ve also become an experienced editor, which I see as more than a little ironic, but my guess, as a fairly experienced human being is that life is filled with such moments.
  It was a slow process, spanning many years, with many small victories and ongoing progress. For some reason I really struggled with the editing and final touch this time. It is my second longest novel, 220 000 words and that probably played a part in my struggles, but there were other factors as well, like this being one of my most ambitious projects and such. It wasn’t exactly hard or difficult, just extensive and demanding. It took me months and two postponements from the original publication date to complete the finishing touch.

  I’ve got tons of extra material on the website for this one, so much accumulated information. As stated I could have written a novel with a million words with all the source material available. A lot of what isn’t in the book is on the website. Humanity’s immediate future is described in the book and why is described in more detail on the companion pages. As usual the site is both for those who have and haven’t read the novel, both an introduction and a companion to the book. I didn’t have to write most of it, since I’ve already done that the last twenty-five years and published it both on and off the Internet. I did research in various forms when writing the novel, but most of it was/is my life, things that have been an integrated part of me my entire adult life. The research was mostly additions to what I already knew intimately. I’ve been an environmental activist for at least thirty years. The story, though I certainly struggled, like I always do, with the plot and its consistency practically wrote itself.
  Even if each story is also an exploration, a great journey into the unknown, you write about what you know and often write better about what you know best.
  Even if I’ve had the story on paper for twenty years and in my head even longer the extensions and also most recent extensions helped me go even deeper into the material. I’ve also had more time to develop and complete the website, more time with everything, period. And on the even more positive side, I’ve probably created millions of new brain cells and neural pathways because of it.
  Some of my books have waited decades to be published, while others may be published the same year the writing is complete, that’s just how it is.
  Thus speaks the veteran author/artist and publisher.

  I’m proud to claim that this is the ultimate survivalist story. The people described in the novel plan for the collapse, but the unexpected happens, and they’re forced down an even harder path.
  My novel isn’t about the end of civilization. It isn’t a story from the end of civilization. It is the end of civilization…

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


  A shout of desperation from a climate change denier. Sample from my novel Thunder Road - Ice and Fire:

  People hugged each other and cheered, and were once again ready to rebuild their lives following the old, destructive pattern.
  – It’s not over, Damon cried out to them, not to his tribe.
  They stopped and stared at him as if they didn’t see him, anxious and angry.
  – Do you truly believe this is what we saw on the satellite images, or that it is sufficient to explain the giant black cloud? He spoke with venom in his voice. – Are you truly so lacking in basic rational thinking?
  They stared at the wild beast in their midst and didn’t dare doing what they wanted to do. They wanted to tear him to pieces, but only stood there and glared at the ground.
  A man stepped outside what was clearly his house and stopped on its stairs. Sea water reached him to his legs. He didn’t seem to notice that his feet had become wet.
  – It’s only natural variations, he choked, – nothing but NATURAL VARIATIONS
  A man stepped closer to Damon. He looked fairly bright and rational.
  – I’ve heard things making it all even worse, he stated, glancing nervously at everyone, as if he feared they would attack him like wild animals at any moment.
  – Please, speak, Anya encouraged him.
  – I heard that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has broken off from the mainland, completely broken off. That alone is sufficient to raise sea levels with at least six meters, right?
  – Is that recent? Myriam asked him.
  – It’s hard to tell these days, he replied. – I think they’ve set the news on repeat. There was a lot of other news as well, none of them good.

  – It’s only natural variations, the man on the stairs shouted, – nothing but NATURAL VARIATIONS

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Kissinger and the Nobel Peace Prize Committee

  We in Stop NATO Norway have spoken a lot about Henry Kissinger lately, about the fact that the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize committee has invited him to speak about… peace.
  To reiterate: A man who has actively contributed to war during a long life and to murder and torture of many millions of people has been invited to speak at an event supposed to promote peace, by a committee that according to its bylaws is supposed to encourage peaceful coexistence.
  We talked about it and wondered the most whether or not there was anyone worse than this man, one with an entire adult life in the eager service of war, and we struggled a bit with finding any.
  In something becoming a very «cheerful» meeting, we found quite a few upstarts that could be called Kissinger’s equals or at least are aspiring to his high-level status as warmonger and mass murderer.
  George W. Bush was suggested as a candidate for next year’s speaker/invitee, and Tony Blair, Benjamin Netanyahu, David Cameron, François Hollande, Hilary Clinton and similar are also excellent candidates…
  Jens Stoltenberg is a good local name to us Norwegians. He has strongly contributed to the growth of NATO influence in Europe and the world at large. He was Norwegian prime minister during the bombing of Libya, where Norwegian fighter jets were hard at work. The war propaganda against Russia has grown considerably in strength and volume in his time as general secretary. He supported Donald Trump’s demand that smaller member countries should contribute more to NATO and all those peace operations we keep hearing about.
  Perhaps they should give the peace prize to Obama again. He has been extremely active in his peace efforts since he received the prize the first time, active in Libya, Pakistan, Syria and many other places. This can be an annual tradition called the bomb and intervention club or something.
  Remember, it’s better with one bomb too many than one bomb too little, and an invasion or two a month make the war machine stay oiled and primed for new, exciting tasks.
  Henry Kissinger is clearly an inspiration to many of the younger, power hungry whippersnappers and we must also conclude he’s popular in the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. The latter should definitely come as a surprise to everyone, but unfortunately it doesn’t. The Committee has a long, sordid history of supporting US interests.
  There will be a protest in Oslo December 11, against Kissinger the war criminal and against the committee’s decision to have him as a speaker.

  PS The blog Uten Grenser (no limits or no boundaries), where I post all my Norwegian posts, including the Norwegian edition of this one has had 1400 visits from an undetectable source in the United States the last week, an extreme and improbable number at a blog receiving most of its visits from Norway.

Monday, December 05, 2016

We always knew it would end in violent delights

  And it’s great!
  What I most of all felt at the end of Westworld - the TV-show? I felt freedom, or at least a sense of it.
  A great payoff was given to us in the season finale, a magnificent ending of a magnificent season. The only regret is that it will hard to top this or even continue it. I hope I’m wrong, but they will probably scale it back down a bit.
  The plot with William that most viewers had long since solved was over and done early in the episode, and they could move on to the truly important stuff. Another well thought of decision. I love complex and ambitious stories and this is a doozy. It’s so far above almost everything else out there that whatever competition there might be is left far behind. I didn’t think they could pull it off. My expectation to the show before it began was hopeful but moderate. I couldn’t conceive of how they could make the story interesting, quite frankly, but they did, surpassing my expectations.
  Dolores is Wyatt, is the center at the end of the maze at the end of the story. What she had searched for all this time was… herself.
  The man in black, desperate to find a way out of his stale, cynical existence finally found that life was worth living.
  All the bullshit of current mankind is blown out of the water.
  I love it!
  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and the adoring circles gathered around them loathe this.
  Among many things this is also great atheism. The god myth is explored and rejected. The Michelangelo painting was a great touch.
  The writers/creators show great imagination, far more so than Michael Crichton did in his rather unimaginative movie. They didn’t take it just one step beyond that, but many.
  This is cinema far beyond cinema and hopefully the future of visual storytelling. I said that it would be five years ago and I was right. Just to go to the theater and sit down for two hours is passé and has been for a very long time. This is how it’s supposed to be, how it should have been from the start.
  Anyone with a camera and somewhat decent equipment can do it, perhaps not with this one’s «production value» (another long since outdated industry expression), but still.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Author's Word (2016) - Thunder Road - Ice and Fire

  This, my second longest novel was originally completed in 2002, and it was ready for publication not long afterwards. I was very pleased with that version and still am for that matter.
  But I still know that I am taking it many steps beyond that as I translate and expand upon it. The narrative flow is much better. Fourteen years have passed, and I have learned even more and experienced so much more, and I can add bits and pieces from my later experiences as I go, and also change the overall story slightly, moving it towards something that is even closer to my original vision.
  It is the same story, but this is a different book, really.
  Looking at it, it’s amazing everything I see now that I didn’t see then.
  This is one of my third generation novels, unlike the fourth generation I’m currently writing.
  A lot of new knowledge has also been added about the human created climate change, even though I’m also pretty pleased about how the first version was in predicting the future. I and other people and scientists were right and those taking the cautious approach in their predictions were wrong: Reality, what is actually happening is far worse than those early official predictions.
  The story of the novel culminates in 2015, but that’s mostly due to its connection with Dreams Belong to the Night and its internal timeline. The story should be seen to take place «a few years from now».
  Most of what is described in the book has already happened in real life, though. Only the last few, decisive events have yet to occur.
  Dreams Belong to the Night was never meant to be the end of it. «Dreams» is about people challenging tyranny head on. This one is about them vanquishing it.
  I made a thorough study of Bergen before and during the writing of the story, studying old and new maps and noticing how far each spot was above the current sea level, stuff like that and more. It’s amazing to make such a study of a city I’ve known since birth, and realize that there was a lot I didn’t know.
  One curious fact is that the length of chapters varies dramatically. Usually, in other books they’re close to the same length.
  I had originally planned two more books in the series. Then I decided I would never do them, that I would give my other books and projects priority instead, but while redoing this one, the desire to do the rest of the story has re-emerged. Sigh…
  Excitement grew as I approached the ending of this book.
  This is not a warning. It’s a celebration. Civilization is collapsing and the characters, the author and the aware readers are all doing the happy dance. It’s cold, hard reality, not a fairytale, but still an optimistic story, exactly because humanity says a roaring NO to what has oppressed us all for so long.
  This story clearly differs significantly from other collapse stories. There’s nothing of the usual praise for what is Going Away, but on the contrary a pure joy of what is returning to human life.

  «In the embers of the century, we are drawn to a glow. We crave the white heat of technology, while our hearts are growing cold». Tilda Swinton - Visions of heaven and hell - UK Channel Four 1994

 Völuspá - the poetic Edda - two interpretations:

 I recall of giants from primordial times.
 Those who gave me birth in former days:
 Nine worlds I can reckon, nine huge expanses,
 And the glorious tree of the world, deep under the ground

 I tell of giants from times forgotten.
 Those who fed me in former days:
 Nine worlds I can reckon, nine roots of the tree.
 The wonderful ash, way under the ground

                                                            Earth First slogan

  They say that those living by the sword will die by the sword, and there is something to that, inevitably, since the chances of dying early are certainly increasing. I’m certainly not romanticizing anything here.
  But those same people don’t say much about what will happen to people not living by the sword, not wielding a sharp blade when it’s called for, when it’s desperately needed.
  Today, today, it’s desperately needed, not by the meek soldier, the eager puppet of tyranny, but by the true warrior, by those using any available and unavailable weapon or given method in order to end tyranny, by those hungering for freedom beyond words, beyond reason, by those eager to see all tyrannies crumble to dust, by those burning by a desire to see the entire, irredeemable current human society be washed away, until only its ashes remain.
  Passion, one almost consuming you, one mostly lacking in those seeking peace no matter the price, is burning in those living and dying by the sword…
  Peace is for the grave, a pipe and wrong dream, and will only rarely touch the warrior in twilight.
  Somewhere, somewhen a hand shaking in fire is picking up the bloodstained blade.

  Amos Keppler
  April 1, 1994 - August 22, 2002
  215. night 12057
  In the second year in the time of the Twilight Storm

  Revision of story and English translation
  December 29, 2010 - June 20, 2016
  181. night 12061

  In the sixteenth year in the time of the Twilight Storm

  The book is for sale at Amazon and AmazonUK and Barnes & Noble and The Book Depository and basically all over the world.

The novel will be published December 21, 2016

Monday, November 07, 2016

Internet mood

  During my first years on the Internet twenty years ago I met up with several people, among them one guy living in the Amazonian jungle. At least he was claiming he was doing it and he posted photographs regularly to match his claim. I lost contact with him after a time and never regained it. I’ve always wondered what happened to him. I had long, nightly conversation with a New Orleans witch. There were many others. Friendly and unfriendly people were right there, at my fingertips. They still are! It was one of my motivations in the first place to join in on the «Internet Craze».I wanted first and foremost to meet people with common interests, and I did.

  I sit here in a chair, in front of a monitor, visiting the world. I talk with people on other continents, visit distant cities and countries.
  It’s a bad exchange for true travel, but still filled with great moments. In spite of my stated distrust and disgust of advanced technology, it’s impossible to not be grabbed by something like that. I keep meeting people I would never have met otherwise and to those of us with our humanity pretty much intact, in spite of the dehumanizing processes dominating today’s society that feels even greater. We’re encouraged to travel and meet up with people in real life, and we do. It becomes real, can be real if we make it so, if we in truth make it a part of the real world and not make the real world a part of the fake world.
  The Internet can never and should never be the most important part of our life, but it can add to it, become a great supplement, adding to the joy we have breathing real air, step on real soil and meet flesh and blood people. It turned out to be something special because it grew into that great meeting place for freedom and free expression of thought. Those in charge didn’t want that. It grew in spite of them, in spite of all their wishes into something they wish to corrupt and destroy.

  So, yes, it turned out to be something valuable.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Storyteller’s word (1994) - Thunder Road: Ice and Fire

  During the preparations and the actual writing of this novel I had to, more than usual pick and choose between what should and shouldn’t be included. The source material is so immense, the potential incidents so numerous that this could just as well have become a novel of a million words, instead of the approximately two hundred thousand. Some technical details had to be left out because of sheer necessity. The sum of the parts, the conclusion of everything, however, is still overwhelmingly obvious. There’s more than enough literature and information, both official and alternative to find out what’s going on. And you don’t really need to read a single word for that, anyway. You just have to look around you, to look at the world as it is, not the way you’re told it is.
  I’ve chosen to emphasize the human factor and the prevalent changes we see today and will see tomorrow, no matter what humanity is or is not doing. To grow up in the stone desert’s gray society, is like being constantly on a battlefield. Your senses are slowly, surely drugged and you’re bleeding to death from a thousand small cuts. The current local, national and global society is a tailspin suicide run and it’s not improving but worsening by the minute. It’s getting progressively worse, not better. The world is not improving in any significant way. Humanity takes one step forward, ten leaps backwards.
  There is no way this story can be told in a realistic manner. Reality will always, in every way, surpass imagination. The suffering, the violence, the river of blood, the total collapse of the horrible, artificial society we’ve constructed around ourselves, between us and the natural world, is an event without parallel in our history. There is no need to exaggerate the description of the coming decades. We can hardly imagine, far less admit to ourselves what’s coming. This is the farthest I come from reality, without painting a way too rosy picture.

Fire and Ice, Heaven and Hell, Thunder Road
April 1, 1994, July 7, 2004, October 13, 2011, June 20, 2016
(according to western, christian time-frame)

It is no April’s Fool

  The book is for sale at Amazon and AmazonUK and Barnes & Noble and The Book Depository and basically all over the world.
The novel will be published December 21, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shadows of fall

  This summer I watched Dead of Summer, Dark Matter and Stranger Things. This fall I will watch Agents of Shield, Frequency, Timeless, Westworld, Aftermath, Channel Zero, The Blacklist, Flash, Blindspot, Falling Water, Van Helsing, Luke Cage, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

  Dark Matter continues to be one of the best shows around, a very fulfilling ride. I may stop watching Legends of Tomorrow fast. Flash is also slowly falling out of favor.
  I like Van Helsing so far. It is a fairly original take on vampires. I hadn’t expected much from it at all, but it turned out to be pleasant surprise. The same holds true with Frequency.
  Luke Cage has the same slow, intense storytelling as Jessica Jones. It describes a place and group of people I know very little about and makes it somewhat accessible to me, which is always a great feat. The quality dropped after the sixth episode, though, and can’t measure up to Jessica Jones after that, but then, almost nothing can.

  Yes, I do prefer Fantasy/science fiction stuff and would love to see more horror (true horror, not splatter crap). Themes handled in Timeless, Channel Zero, Falling Water, Westworld and Van Helsing are closest to my heart. First and second episode of Westworld were amazing, in so many ways, with such depth, so many layers of complexity and storytelling.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Worth it?

  I’ve been using Canon 5D Mark 3 since November 2013 and am quite pleased with it. It’s a great all-round quality camera for all types of use.
  Now, the new, highly anticipated model 5D Mark 4 is finally here, and I wondered if it was so much better than the previous model that it was worth buying.
  The short answer is definitely no. The Mark 4 is clearly better, a nice upgrade, with several new and improved functions and features.
  But it’s not a definite improvement. There’s nothing about it creating excitement to the point of making it a must to have and own. I often skip versions, Windows, software in general and hardware upgrades and in this case I feel no burning need to upgrade at all.
  The 4k function is a disaster, an insult to potential users, quite frankly, completely useless and beyond disappointing. I will rather buy Black Magic or similar if I want to upgrade my film camera. 5D mark 2 was a photo camera with film capabilities. Mark 3 is a film camera with photo-capabilities. And now Canon has become full circle, and mark 4 is useless to cinematographers.

  If I needed a new camera for taking photographs, I would have considered it, but I don’t.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

If not now, when???

  This isn’t mine. I just feel strongly that it should be posted everywhere, every day. If the original poster wants to be credited, just give me a word.

  2000: I Know, but you have to vote against Bush.
  Maybe next election we can have real change
  2004: I Know, but you have to vote against Bush.
  Maybe next election we can have real change
  2008: I Know, but you have to vote against McCain.
  Maybe next election we can have real change
  2012: I Know, but you have to vote against Romney.
  Maybe next election we can have real change
  2016: I Know, but you have to vote against Trump.

  Maybe next election we can have real change

  This is another similar, striking angle on the same issue, valid in all countries:

Sunday, August 07, 2016

What Bernie Sanders should have said in his speech July 25

  A democratic socialist is a capitalist and that’s certainly one thing that’s wrong with him or her.
  I was skeptical to Bernie Sanders from the start because of that and other reasons, mainly because he doesn’t go far enough in his fairly radical thinking, but he won me over until he endorsed Hillary Clinton.
  The first question I ask when I encounter a professed radical person is: does he or she truly wish to dramatically change society? If not, that person is not that interesting to me.

  This, in short should have been the Sanders speech:

  I’ve been asked to endorse Hillary Clinton as a candidate for the US presidency. This is normal procedure for the losing candidate. I, however choose not to do that, for several crucial reasons. I initially intended to do so, but, as the various shocking and appalling events have piled up, I’ve been forced to change my mind.
  The amount of animosity towards me by the DNC and support in favor of Clinton has been unprecedented. A body supposed to be neutral has thrown their entire support behind one establishment candidate, and also actively enlisted their numerous supporters in establishment media to take part in the attacks and general deception. There has also been extensive, quantifiable and obvious cheating, at the very least in several key states, probably more.
  Then there is the crucial question about Clinton’s very character, her lies, cheating and deception, her connection to forces in our society no politician should have any connection to: the military/industrial complex, to Wall Street and other powerful groups of people and corporations in general, among them Monsanto, Goldman Sachs and AIPAC. She’s a war monger, even a war criminal, in a time where humanity is screaming for peace. She should have been charged with criminal activity, numerous criminal activities actually.
  But the most important reason for not supporting, endorsing her is her policies, policies totally unable to solve the vast problems plaguing humanity and the world in the twenty-first century.
  The policies as they in fact have been and are, not what she says they are in her numerous lies and deceptions.
  They say we should vote for her, in order to keep Donald Trump from becoming president, but she’s no better than he is. In some ways, she’s worse.
  In my eyes, she’s totally unfit to be US president.
  We have wondered for decades if the Democratic Party is just as bad as the Republican Party. This year, it has been proven beyond doubt that it is. The Democratic Party has, with its actions exposed itself. That is one, good thing we get from it all. It will never regain the trust it has lost, not in a million years.
  I will hereby endorse Jill Stein of the Green Party. The United States and the world as a whole need, more than ever a third, truly alternative option to the established parties.
  In a general election where the two major parties, the War and Business Party nominates two of the most unpopular and unfit candidates ever, there will never be a bigger hope of succeeding with the third, truly alternative way.
  The independents outnumber by far the Dem and GOP registered voters. A Stein ticket will also receive lots of votes from democrat and republican registered voters. The Green Party has ballot access in most states already. I’d say its chances are good.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Change - a brief framework for a truly fair and exciting society

  This, today’s human local, national and global society isn't the Anthropocene, not really, not «the age of man» at all, but of the Machine. We need to change that yesterday, before it is too late.
  People claim and keep claiming that true change, a world where true freedom and equality reign is impossible, is impractical and undesired, but that’s clearly wrong. The world is changed all the time. The question is who is doing the changing and for what purpose.
  Today’s school system teaches competition and conformity and respect for authorities and has an unhealthy focus on subjects. We see where that leads, see that it leads to a society where authority is hardly questioned at all and compassion and freedom are four-letter words. If it instead taught and encouraged true independence and autonomy and critical thinking, if critical thinking and personal autonomy became a major, dominating part of the teaching, the learning, covering at least half of the week and curriculum we would see positive changes pretty soon.
  We can change human society in only one or rather two generations if we truly set our minds to it. It isn’t that difficult or unrealistic at all.
  A society with a justified pride in itself and its work won’t merely accept alternative thought and variety and free expression and creativity, but encourage it and actively discourage the forces of tyranny and oppression so prevalent in current society.
  One of several obvious problems is to find teachers able to teach something most current teachers are totally clueless about. That’s certainly one of several reasons why it will take two generations. There will be a delay, a residue from the old, thoroughly putrid system for quite some time. The obvious solution is to use political radicals and radical political thinkers instead, until the first generation of truly liberated individuals grows up and can take over.
  The major problem, of course is that we don’t live in a free society, but its complete opposite, and that those in charge of it, those of wealth and power don’t desire anything even resembling true change. They are fine with how it is. It serves their purpose perfectly.
  So people need to take charge of their own lives and create truly autonomous societies and a network of such rejecting the current destructive society and philosophy and system of things completely.
  We need dozens of big and small paradigm shifts, turning humanity around on its heels.
  This is a framework, a blueprint if you will for a truly fair and exciting society. It needs work and will always need work, an always present flexibility and ability to react to changing conditions and inevitable imperfections within the system, but this is both the desirable and needed direction and path we must tread.
  We have wasted so much time already, on vain and downright unhealthy pursuits. That must end before it ends us. It’s well under way at doing that.

  I wrote this before breakfast today, but I’ve pondered the subject for quite a while, for many years, really.

  These are basically the conclusions of the Hordaland branch of the Norwegian Pirate Party during the «election» last year.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thick, thick blinders

  Erik Solheim, the old rebel environmentalist, the new director of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has long since become sickeningly mainstream. He claims with a straight face that human society is improving, and even claim that we’re actually dealing with the vast challenges confronting us.
  He’s very typical in that regard as well.
  He comes off as pretty smug, actually, and like a zealous defender of a society and order he once strongly opposed. This is pretty common, unfortunately. Once radical people often become more conservative and even conservatives as they grow older, more or less disregarding the spirited approach to the world dominating them in their youth. They join the mainstream, the establishment of an oppressive and destructive society, which like we have hardly seen before in human history, one taking one or ten turns for the worse every day.
  When such a man is hired to do the job, to lead others in one of the foremost environmental bodies on the globe, it’s even clearer that we are in trouble, in trouble to our ears.
  In a world of horrible priorities, he becomes just one more bad choice.

  I support the various Green Parties across the planet. I certainly see their policies as a step in the right direction. I have several major disagreements with them, all related to the fact that they don’t go far enough, that they aren’t even close to doing that, and that they cling to a thoroughly unfair society that is ultimately doomed. There are some members agreeing with me here, but not enough by far.
  I was a member of the Norwegian and British green parties twenty-five years ago, but left in frustration. I have considered rejoining several times since then, but every time I approach current material and actions and attitudes, I see that nothing has changed. I shake my head and decide to remain on the outside. I/we can clearly do far more worthwhile stuff there.
  The consensus among true environmentalists, those of us not belonging to any organization is that even if a world-wide Green Party got hundred percent of the voters behind them and all the actions in their political programs were implemented all over the planet… it wouldn’t save humanity and life on Earth in general, wouldn’t be even close to doing it…
  Instead it would only further sustain the ongoing dangerous illusion that something worthwhile is done.
  The same is true for all the other so called green organizations.
  Humanity is committing collective suicide, and they just want to polish already dead policies.
  I and others keep telling members this, but it doesn’t seem to reach their conscious mind at all. They are quite simply too caught up in mainstream society to get it and don’t see the need for the vast changes needed in order to make a difference.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The perpetual war

  I spoke without a script, as usual. This, from memory only is a somewhat approximate transcript of my speech at the Stop NATO meeting in Bergen, Norway on May 8.

  A code of silence is notable in all western countries, a long row of issues missing from public debate. NATO and a given country’s membership there are clearly among those. There’s a manufactured consent in mainstream society, one making the massive propaganda machine kicking into gear every time anyone attempts to raise the subject. Those doing that are ignored, ridiculed and persecuted. Mainstream media and society are eager cohorts in the loud and silent choir of conformity. Established media has long since become the fourth, supporting estate, no longer even attempting to be any sort of corrective to the dominant forces of society.
  George Orwell spoke at length about the eternal war. It is remarkable how much of his predictions have become true, including that. It’s a sad, sad truth that those in charge used his story 1984 as a roadmap instead of a warning. The eternal war doesn’t need any justification except its own existence. A lot of pretexts are served a subjugated population, like the «War on Terror», the latest invention of those in charge in order to keep a given population down. Such pretexts are used to implement ever more oppressive laws, ever more extensive surveillance, and so on. Video-cameras are everywhere in public space today. Surveillance of the Internet and phone conversations becomes ever more extensive. The NSA exposure, among others proved that they don’t target specific people or groups. They are after everybody.

  NATO is not a benign organization by any stretch of the imagination and has never been one, but after it lost any validity it once might have had after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, it has taken one or ten turns for the worse.
  After the fall of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact there was a brief period of hope that we were headed in the right direction. Defense budgets were actually cut, even in the United States. It took time for the oppressive forces of the world to adapt to the new circumstances. Suddenly, there was no enemy to point at anymore. They had to find another.
  With the events at September 11, 2001 they did. The illusion of a benign order of western government fell like the house of cards it was. New wars and new, oppressive laws followed on an assembly line. Suddenly distant, unthreatening regimes and small groups of Afghan mountain people and Middle Eastern extreme religious groups being no threat to us with any stretch of the imagination were the Big Threat.
  It has grown from there, showing us that the true threat to us all is NATO/US combined forces. The United States is the leading force of this alliance of aggression, one of the most aggressive military alliances ever, but the rest is certainly eager participants. When Libya was bombed, Norway, once a somewhat reluctant participant in NATO aggression was responsible for most of the bombing. The United Kingdom’s parliament voted with zealous eagerness to bomb Syria. Most other member countries are just as eager. There used to be massive resistance, but now there is little or no opposition against NATO-membership in most member countries anymore. A unison agreement has fallen in various parliamentary bodies and big and small political parties.
  The world has basically been at war since 1938, if not longer, much longer, a state of ongoing conflict growing even more intense the last twenty years. Militarism leads human existence on all fronts.
  Pervasive propaganda tells us that unthreatening countries and groups are the threat, and also that we are bombing and invading a given country and killing massive numbers of its population in order to save its population from cruel dictators…

  It’s totally amazing that such bald faced lies, distortions and deceptions are believed, but they are, by a more or less clueless and disinterested mainstream population, and we all suffer because of it. It has to end, yesterday!

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

No way, pig!

  I used to be afraid of cops in my youth, but have long since grown, taken long leaps of growth from that sorry state of affairs. I acknowledge that they have physical power over me, but that’s «all». They can’t touch your true self if you don’t allow it, and you shouldn’t.
  Some years ago, while I still owned a car, I was pulled aside by a patrolling police officer and given a ticket for not wearing a safety belt.
  - It’s important that you wear your belt, you know, he said casually. – It will save your life someday.
  - I don’t use a safety belt, I replied, just as casually.
  He frowned.
  - Wearing a safety belt is mandatory, he stressed. – It’s the law.
  - I don’t use a safety belt, I repeated.
  - It’s the law, he repeated.
  I was not impressed.
  - «When the law is immoral or wrong, it’s everyone's right and duty to break it», I paraphrased. – This and similar regulations have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with the need those in charge have of controlling the citizens of a given society. The issue of whether or not wearing the safety belt is a minor one, I grant you, but not unimportant.
  The frown grew deeper, visible.
  He gave me the ticket.
  - I think we will do a check up of your car as well, he said.
  I couldn’t hold back the grin. He was as predictable as all of his kind, all bullies. When they don’t get to have their way with you, when they realize that they don’t scare you, they get desperate. Through a bit of coincidence and luck, I had been prepared for this. I had had the car to extensive service only two weeks before.
  He checked the lights, the breaks, the slack of the wheel, under the hood, if I was intoxicated and just about anything under the sun and the moon he could think of and could easily get away with… without finding anything.
  - There are lots of other controls today, he whimpered eventually. – The roads are practically swarming with officers.
  He emphasized his words as if he was paid to do so (and he is). I was not impressed.
  - Thank you for the tip, officer, I said. – I will probably wear my belt for the rest of the day then, and will save a lot of money. You are most kind…
  My passengers had a great time and had started giggling openly some time ago.
  Two other cars that had been pulled in with me started blowing the horn.
  I knew he wanted to do bad things to me then, wanted it bad. His eyes were practically bulging in his skull. You don’t need a crystal ball to see the obvious.
  - I will never wear a safety belt, I stated. – Never in your dreams.
  I drove on. He remained on the spot, a sad little bully robbed of his toys.

  This is exactly like it happened. The dialogue is spot on. I haven’t exaggerated in any way, not making myself look braver than I was. It’s only one modest, minor example of many similar and bigger cases through the years. I chose this one because it’s a bit funnier than the others…

  I’m quite pleased with how I behave in the company of cops as an adult.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The occasional value of coincidences

  In a rather amazing turn of events earlier today, the following occurred:
  James, for perfectly valid reasons couldn’t keep our appointment today. That made me make an appointment with John instead, and because of that I took a great photo on the spot we met, and because of that we took a long stroll on the long Bergen harbor, where I took lots of photos and great photos.
  It’s highly unlikely that those photos would ever have seen the light of day if James had kept his appointment.
  The light was special today. There were other factors as well. To repeat the special circumstances would be difficult, even when I’m aware of them, even as I’ve discovered their value. If not for me not meeting up with James and me meeting up with John, I never would.

  Sometimes life truly throws lemonade at you.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Using flash?

  I do see some uses for flash in photography, I do, but mostly I avoid using it.
  During the last two years I’ve hardly used it all. I prefer what in photography is called «natural light», which is any light present that’s not a flash or flash setup, including various common electrical lamps and lights in living rooms, streets and such.
  Photographers favoring use of flash claim everyone would use flash «if only they knew everything you can do with it», but that just isn’t the case. It isn’t really that difficult to know and do. I and others quite simply prefer natural light.
  Natural light, generally speaking makes better photographs.

  I will return to this subject later, with illustrations.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The deceptive impression of witches perpetuated

  Mainstream broadcasting and publishing industry continues, deliberately and through ignorance to get witches and witchcraft wrong. To say that there are gross inaccuracies in the portrayal of such people and such truly alternative viewpoints is to put it mildly.
  Mainstream shills keep claiming we live in enlightened times, but witches are still portrayed as servants of Satan and other preposterous depictions.
  The Secret Circle, a US TV-show at least partly sympathetic to witches was taken off the air in spite of fairly favorable ratings. Rampant, insistent rumors spoke about one of the Christian executives wanting it off the air. Looking at the bigger picture, that isn’t hard to imagine at all.
  When virtually all current mainstream movies on the subject portray witches in a bad light and those hunting, torturing and killing them as heroes, and there is a reoccurrence of such movies and far more of them, it shouldn’t be seen as a coincidence. Most people won’t get it, as usual, but those with a keen eye for propaganda will have no trouble spotting it.
  All minorities are usually portrayed in a bad or suspicious light in mainstream movies. Arabs have been cast as the bad guy in movies for decades, and we see the result. Mainstream propaganda works. Mainstream movies and books form people’s opinion, moving it in certain desired directions.
  Truly alternative thought is shunned and vilified. Witches have been shunned and vilified for centuries, blamed for all bad things. The risk of a true return to the Burning Times is always There. When mainstream tools are used in massive attacks against a given group, there is indeed reason for concern.

  In a modern society where an ill wind is blowing ever harder, that concern is magnified many times.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The absolutely wrong Wonder Woman

  The movies where Gal Gadot, former soldier in Israel Occupation Army (IOF) plays a part can be as great as humanly possible, and I still won’t watch them.
  She’s quite the fanatical Zionist, eagerly defending the Gaza slaughter the summer of 2014, where more than 500 children were murdered, butchered by the army she’s defending.
  All movies and stories with Zionist propaganda or Zionist actors should be boycotted, but this one is a notch worse than the rest of them, because of her participation. She’s absolutely no wonder woman, in any shape or form, but something completely opposite.
  Reading interviews with her, it becomes clear that she’s also a giant hypocrite, speaking highly about the ideals and values of Wonder Woman, disregarding and «elegantly» bypassing all the horrors she and her fellow zionists visit upon Palestine and the Palestinian people.
  She knows well what’s going on.
  Established mainstream media, as usual fails to ask her one single crucial and critical question.
  If you think her active support of one of the worst and most brutal tyrannies in existence poses no problem for you, you should take a long and hard look in the mirror.
  This is a miscast of infinite proportions.
  Just the thought of her being given such an important platform to spread her racism and her support of apartheid israel and its pervasive oppression makes me sick!
  In a recent Pew Research Center survey almost half of the israeli Jews wanted the Palestinians gone, supported expulsion of Arabs. Seventy-nine percent wanted «special treatment» for Jews. It certainly isn’t a view only held by the fringe. That also exposes the civilian Zionism as the fundamental racist and oppressive ideology it is. It reveals in excellent ways what happens when racism/xenophobia overwhelms a given society, just like it did in Nazi Germany.

  Zionism is a powerful force in Hollywood, in Hollywood as well, threatening to blacklist anyone criticizing it. When Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem signed a letter condemning the 2014 israeli massacre in Gaza that entire force fell on them, represented by several executives, their numerous supporters in established media and also Gal Gadot, of course. Other famous and vocal Palestine supporters have received death threats from rabid zionists. Such forces must be fought tooth and nail, in small and big ways.
  A moderate method in that regard, and of fighting Zionism and the israeli oppression of the Palestinians in general is BDS - Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. Israel should be closed off from the rest of the world in all important ways. Contact should be rudimentary at most, until the grave injustice visited upon the Palestinian people is rectified.

  Though BDS being an obviously moderate, peaceful way of protest and activism, anti-BDS legislation has been introduced by Canadian, French and British authorities, among others, including on state level in the United States, exposing again and beyond doubt zionist power far beyond the Middle East.
  What is becoming more and more self-evident is that humanity as a whole should oppose Zionism and all its acts, both because injustice one place is injustice all places, and because ultimately tyranny must be opposed, or it will grow and fester, reaching out and ruining everything it touches, like the Nazism it’s emulating and «competing» with. Zionism has, by its numerous, ongoing horrible acts, shown itself to be a danger to mankind as a whole.
  Does anyone have a right to oppress others? Of course not! But that is the right Zionism and Zionists demand of the rest of mankind and that they should be denied.

  More on Midnight Fire:
  Nothing new under the sun - the Zionist century project (I)
  Blood on their hands and worse
  Israel’s inhumanity in Palestine exposed yet again
  The invisible Palestinian liberation struggle

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The pervasive poison of racism

  Once again an ill wind is blowing through western countries.
  Yet another bad thing about racism, xenophobia in addition to the racism, xenophobia itself is that they’re easy to control by those in charge. One minor «news» report is sufficient to make them explode in fear and loathing. They’re eager to support the true ruling force in any given society. They brag about the greatness of their country at any given opportunity, embracing its propaganda. Even those not quite racist echo eagerly some of their «arguments» and favorite beefs.
  Their current, big favorite is to jump when any «news» about Muslim individuals committing bad acts become public, totally disregarding any sense of proportion.
  Any given minority could, at any time become a favorite of their hatred.
  Xenophobia ruins every society where it takes root, and should be rejected instantly and without exception.
  The typical rapist in western countries is a young, white male at a late night party, one well known to the victim. While that fact is kept pretty much quiet by established media, every single occasional rape by minorities and migrants is given attention beyond any reason.
  It’s very important, even crucial to expose such lies, such propaganda, stuffing it down the throats of all everyday racists and their masters.
  The poison of racism is so sneaky and pervasive that a large, way too large part of a given population practically takes the reality it’s presenting for granted.
  That must end, now. There are no more acceptable excuses for believing such shit, not even for a moment!
  There’s nothing more despicable than a racist, also because such a malicious view of mankind is accompanied by and closely related to a number of other atrocious viewpoints that anyone calling themselves human beings should reject offhand.

  Once again: It’s the racists that should leave a given country (and be deported to Jan Mayen, a cold North Sea island with an active volcano), not those they harass and threaten.
  To be clear, to those who do not understand irony or even sarcasm: It's the racists/xenophobes that are talking about deporting people, migrants, refugees to remote locations.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

US «foreign policy» - the ugly, documented truth

  These links cover in brief what has always been US foreign policy. In other words: the military and clandestine services acting as the long arm of business in the United States and other NATO countries.
  I do not necessarily agree with every single statement in these posts, but the overall picture is well documented.

 The Destabilization of Syria – Who Gains? See also other posts on the site

  The six at the top are mostly fairly recent events in Syria and Ukraine. The rest is more or less the entire ugly picture the last two hundred years.

 Empire Files with Abby Martin Launches First Show The rise of the American empire

 Ben Griffin - former UK SAS "The real issue is what we (US/NATO) do to other people"

 How does the CIA do it? -->

  «CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment. So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal:
  «We’ll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us.»
   The Agency then hires, trains and works with them to overthrow the existing government (usually a democracy).».– Steve Kangas, A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

 A Timeline of CIA Atrocities by Steve Kangas

Sunday, March 06, 2016

What a great, extended weekend of sex, drugs and rock’n roll can do for you

  It has created a completely insane creativity, for one. When I wrote three poems the other day, they all came to me simultaneously, and I had to write them on parallel tracks (of paper). I could hardly complete one line before I had to start on another. One verse of one poem was only half done when I felt compelled to write another, both on the same poem and one of the others. I also had dinner at that point. I will put it to you: you’ve never experienced true multitasking before…
  From Friday February 19 to Wednesday evening the coming week I felt like I do during London visits and witchnights and spiritual and physical Journeys in general and that says a lot when it comes to me, and it hasn’t really stopped either. It feels like it just keeps growing in strength and complexity.
  I celebrated with alcohol on Friday evening and the coming night, and kept doing that the next evening and night. Saturday ended up in very sweaty and pleasant circumstances. My mood just skyrocketed and I walked on on light, very light feet. I noticed something different about myself when I finally returned home Sunday morning. When I sat down and started writing that afternoon, I passed a major hurdle of storytelling on the fourteenth chapter of my novel Season of the Witch, a quandary I had tried solving for months, and when I was done there I just kept writing and ended chapter sixteen of Phoenix Green Earth, one I had been working on for three years to get right. I wrote for five hours straight, hardly even taking my eyes off the keyboard.
  Then, on Monday evening, for the first time in eight years I once again could enjoy even better stuff. LSD is such a fantastic experience. I would cautiously recommend it (it’s not a toy) to anyone. It opens you up like a flower, a flower opening a million times. You can’t hide from yourself, but are hammered for what seems like an eternity or many eternities with impressions and sensations, and are forced to confront everything about yourself, both the good and the bad. You face yourself a million times million times. It’s an eye opener of immense proportions, a reboot if you will and not altogether pleasant all the time, but that’s good, too. No emotions are denied you, and you can’t deny any.
  I was totally exhausted on Tuesday morning, also when I woke up later that day. I certainly understand it when people say they sleep for forty-eight hours afterwards. To me a good night early sleep was sufficient.
  I woke up Wednesday morning with a huge smile on my lips, one not going away. It just stayed with me no matter what I did. I met up with several people that day and they noticed the change in me immediately, my inflated good mood and so on. I had suffered a lot of frustrations lately, both personal and from the world at large, but now, even though I care more than ever, they seem to frustrate me far less. Among many other things, dropping acid is a great catharsis. I’ve always been able to enjoy life at its fullest, but those frustrations have dragged me down. They do so to a lesser degree, now.
  Another week has passed, and my creativity just keeps soaring. Earlier today, by the simple act of standing up from my chair, I received a flood of new, parallel impulses. Another of the few times I enjoyed LSD, in April 2003, the two subsequent years were my most productive ever. I hope I can repeat that.
  Any artist worth the name throughout history has enjoyed a wide range of stimulants and substances. I have understood why for a long time. I understand it even better, now.
  The brain, through the thalamus usually restrains the conscious output of sensations, but during an acid trip all that is shot to pieces.
  I can easily and eagerly appreciate that thrice over, as that is what witches do as well. We bring to the outside what rests within.
  «Come all within, come all without. You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn»…

  PS: one of its many qualities is that it’s impossible to get hooked on it. There’s no hunger, no craving for more. If you take it too often and too much, it just won’t work properly, that’s all. Nothing harmful will happen.
  I don’t know anyone that has ever had any trouble with it, even though I know they exist. You should probably avoid it if you suffer from inhibitions and are bottling up your emotions, or if you come from a strict, religious upbringing, because, as stated, it will open you up whether you want to or not.

  The thirty minutes peak is a wild ride that will pull anyone along and smash any walls you have raised around yourself.

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Riddle of The Dark Lodge

  In order to celebrate the publication of my fourteenth book, the novel Falling I will invite to a small competition, invite everyone interested to solve the riddle of The Dark Lodge.
  Among those doing that, I will draw one to receive a signed copy of my novel Alarums of Reality.
  That’s it, people. Good luck!
  Send submissions to

  Send them before 6 PM central European time on March 15, 2016.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Things to do in London when burning with passion and life (V)



  I woke up refreshed and almost completely cured, It felt amazing, beyond amazing. I usually am pretty groggy during the first hours of morning, also when my health is top notch, but that Sunday morning my awareness soared. My eyes stayed wide open.
  The world outside, the daylight breaking through the windows didn’t seem real. What was within the walls of our gathering felt very much so, poignant and passionate and all great words and acts.
  It’s pretty funny. I re-experienced everyone and everything from the day before in a way. Saturday was a fever dream, Sunday a feverish, passionate reality…
  I hugged Ruby, Dorothy, Camille, Alan and the rest, each and every one of them again, and they chuckled softly, laughing with me.
  We gathered around the breakfast long table. It felt like we had done it every morning, like we did long ago. This wasn’t reminiscing, but on the contrary living in the moment.
  - A la vida, Dorothy said and raised her glass filled with pale wine. – To Life!
  - TO LIFE! We all choired.
  We drank and feed and drank again, a thousand different scents and tastes enriching our lives.
  I was brought twenty-seven years back in time, when I first heard those Spanish words, heard her speak them. The intonation was almost exactly the same. She had aged, for good and for bad, like we all had, but she hadn’t truly changed, not in her core. She had grown. I realized in that moment that we had all grown, had made Bob Dylan’s words ours.
  When I looked around and listened to those sitting with me around the table and I knew that almost no one here had joined the pervasive mainstream shit, and that alone feels like a miracle, and I felt pride and joy beyond words.
  I haven’t met many truly free people in my lifetime, no matter how hard I’ve searched for them, but many sat around that table. I recalled a great past and noticed a great present in potent and poignant ways.
  My thoughts had been muddled with fever yesterday. Today it was increasingly muddled with alcohol, but I still enjoyed a mind clearer, far clearer than on most ordinary days, like I benefited from a thousand cold showers without the disadvantages.

  The memories of bygone days and nights flowed effortlessly between us, the past and present mingling and becoming one.