Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The true danger

  The United States has funded and created from scratch countless Islam extremist groups the last fifty years. It’s safe to say that many of them wouldn’t even have existed without that hard push, and certainly wouldn’t have grown so influential.
  A tyranny like US needs an enemy in order to keep fighting the eternal war and to oppress its own population.
  It started, or rather took off from more modest prewar origins, more or less in 1953, when various representatives from the US government and enterprise removed the democratically elected government of Iran and put a tyrant and terror regime on top, an act that eventually and more than anything led to the revolution in 1979. It’s safe to say that that probably wouldn’t have happened without that crucial act.
  First, there was oil, with the early talks with Arab officials in 1934. Second, it was oil, in a continued attempt at controlling the world’s oil reserves. Those behind the throne in the United States and western countries in general also came to see extreme Islam as a bulwark against communism, with, among other things the creation and support of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and also a tool to destabilize the Middle East, with ISIS being its latest project of many in that endeavor.
  Israel and the United States use generously each other, in order to add to each other’s conquests. Western imperialism remains alive and well.
  The United States has kept South and Central America in the dirt for centuries by aiding and abetting despotic leaders loyal to US interests. The precedence is well established and obvious.
  Leaders and governments across the world are more than justified when they fear that the United States will depose them and dispose of them at its convenience. The United States is in no way, shape or form anything even approaching a force of good in the world, on the contrary. It has shown its true face countless times. It keeps doing that every day. In this modern age, it can safely be said that it and the forces behind it is worse than ever.
  United States has invaded 123 countries in 200 years, an unprecedented number. US/NATO is the most aggressive military alliance ever. The facts are clear.

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