Monday, November 16, 2015

A unique perspective

  My unique perspective is there whatever I do, as an artist, a political aware person and as a human being in general. When looking at a given photograph, most people are initially drawn to a certain spot on it. I am usually drawn to a completely different spot, and that is certainly a matter of pride to me. It shows once again that my perception, my focus is truly different. This is true with virtually anything, and contributes to make my novels and most outlooks on life and existence in general completely different compared to most people.
  I look for different things when I read or write a novel, take a photograph or decide upon which political action to take, both because there is a vast need for doing that, and because it is what I want, what I yearn for in the deepest parts of my being.
  Each person is unique, one snowflake among billions. The world and humanity and life in general, the very Universe we live in are so much more than any attempt at streamlining and lessen that.
  Yes, we, humanity, all life, really have a connection, a common purpose, but we are nor One. What that purpose, that direction is, is completely up to each and every one of us to define for ourselves, and that, in itself is the purpose, is such a valuable part of our existence.

  Those in charge want to narrow life down, reduce it into manageable pieces. Resist them, resist such a hostile-to-life view with everything you are, and fight to become the marvelous creature of chaos, creativity and variety you are born to be. Having a unique perspective is being human.

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