Friday, November 20, 2015

A matter of perspective and of seeing through pervasive, obvious propaganda

  Yes, in case you’re wondering, this is the perfect time to talk at length about this…
  It should be talked about all the time, though.

  What upset me the most about the recent events in Paris wasn’t the actual killings. Mass killings happen every day, all over the globe, most of them done by France, United States, Israel and their NATO partners and other associates, in Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan and around the globe, and it has gone on for years, decades even. It’s an ongoing thing. Drone killings and bombings of children and civilians in general have become commonplace. And while I agree that one shouldn’t rate tragedies, the massive killings in Palestine where Israelis/Zionists are doing their genocide of the Palestinian people alone make the Paris deaths a fairly small scale event. The US/NATO imperialist forces killing one million civilians in Iraq are also dwarfing most other events. There is a long, long list of such.
  It’s just while watching it with narrow chinks of European/US/western eyes this becomes worth mentioning more than in passing.
  What upsets me far more is the aftermath, the full scale propaganda show, which I and many others strongly suspect was the true objective of the exercise. At the very least many westerners’ sense of perspective is totally off. I’m afraid it’s far worse than that, though.
  The rampant hypocrisy should in itself make many people wake up from their horrible slumber. One western life is valuable. A death in the Middle East (Arabs) or South America, Central America, Africa and Asia is seen as a statistic, at best. Obama, Hollande and Cameron, among countless other hypocrites and murderers and child killers step forward to condemn the acts, serving the long-term agenda of those in charge, the forces behind the throne.
  It’s bad enough that the racist/anti-migration cult has a field day.
  But the worst part of all is that most people buy the official narrative without blinking, without even considering alternatives. That is the very definition of successful brainwashing, of manufactured consent.
  Mainstream people show downright disrespect for the victims by being so gullible, so easily fooled. They make it easy for those in charge to continue the charade and keep doing acts like that.
  To me and many others with basic awareness in place and working it’s self-evident that the reason for the Paris massacre was to justify western «war on terror» and more bombing and further invasion of Syria and other Islam countries, AND further oppressive laws and surveillance in western countries. US/NATO and partners like Israel have a long history of proven false flag operations, making them likely at any given moment.
  It was yet another scene staged by western clandestine services, and if you cannot see that, you should take a long, hard look in the cracked mirror. You, by your inaction and gullibility are giving more and more of your rights away to tyranny and oppression every day, every time you fail to protest and take action against your true enemy.
  France, with its fairly large Muslim population is a kind of testing ground, a laboratory for the further development of Islamophobia and similar ways of inducing fear among a given western population.

  Those in charge don’t even bother with hiding their tracks anymore, their operatives leaving clues left and right. «Crisis actors» are recognized repeatedly, but still used. Undamaged passports are found in ruins and at shootouts and so on. Most people don’t even try looking through the thin, thin veil of illusion ruling their insipid existence.

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