Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Society steals years from the poor

  Society and those in charge of it is very good at distracting people from the real issues. They serve people entertainment, bread and circuses, and the latest threat from the current perceived enemies.
  While media and most people focus on false and insignificant issues like that, virtually everything within current local, national and global society goes from bad to worse to horrible.
  The gap between rich and poor in terms of living conditions and thereby how long people live is widening dramatically. It’s a fairly simple equation, confirmed by statistics. The poor live an unhealthy life because they have no choice. Healthy food is expensive. So is healthcare and virtually anything else. The world’s poor, also those in North Western Europe are condemned to a bad quality of life. Where you are born and who your parents are and so forth become far more important than your own effort. School and society in general don’t correct these crucial differences, but on the contrary exacerbate them. This demonstrates yet again what capitalism and the notion of the «advantages» of a hierarchy are truly about, what it leads to, that the fact is that the world is indeed governed by murderers. Victor Hugo spoke truth:

«The paradise of the rich is made out of the Hell of the poor».

  The myth is that everyone is better off if a few is very well off, when an elite can enjoy luxuries beyond contempt.
  Human society is filled with such paltry illusions.
  The worst is that no matter how many times they are exposed very few are acting on that, coming together and says that enough is enough. Streets that should have been filled with protests… are empty.
  When you hear the neo-liberalists claiming that the market shall rule supreme, you get thoroughly fed up. There are many things to be fed up about in today’s world, but the claim that economic inequality must be accepted and is acceptable and even a good thing is one of the worst and most fundamental.
  When a given woman or man living, or rather existing in a poor neighborhood is content with reaching retirement age and don’t demand more of life than that it is lived and ends in poverty, that illustrates in excellent ways how effective the oppression is, how broken most people are, how effective the Machine ruins people’s hunger for true life and independence.
  Social injustice kills people on a grand scale. A huge majority of today’s humanity is robbed of life. That’s the ugly truth.

  Should we be polite in such a world, when we describe it? Should we stand there with a bowed head and beg favors of the wealthy, follow the laws and the rules, and be a good sheep, and thank the masters for the few and meager crumbs of life we are handed?

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