Saturday, September 05, 2015

Injustice tortures and kills

  More and more reports, among them Commission on the Social Determinants of Health from the World’s Health Organization (WHO) published in 2008 state categorically and once again what we all know and point out facts that most people don’t think about or wish to think about: social factors are crucial when it comes to determine people’s health and how long and how well a given individual lives.
  Contrary to popular belief the difference isn’t always between given countries, rich and poor, developed and developing countries, but what part of a given country or city you’re born. Genetic differences determine only to a lesser degree health and how old you become. Genetics express, like always only potential, not fact.

  The difference in expected human age between the neglected suburb Calton and rich Lenzie in Glasgow is 28 years, between Hampstead and St. Pancras in London 11 years. The wealth or lack of wealth of the parents determines increasingly a child’s health, possibilities and life cycle. The report, easily valid in all countries has researched the connection between life cycle and living condition in three years. Big and small factors present an unequivocal conclusion: «Social injustice is killing people on a grand scale».

  So, when the politicians and mighty and wealthy people create and maintain a system of fundamental injustice, they are, in truth mass murderers and torturers surpassing in major ways the most infamous killers and dictators.

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